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4 yr olds feature in November. Eventer Ginny Turnbull works with a wobbly youngster and American positive reinforcement trainer Shawna Karrasch teaches an eventer to jump at liberty and under saddle. 4* eventer Tom McEwen starts Roxy's cross country jumping training and classical dressage trainer Jenny Rolfe begins work with the Iberian colt Gran Hostil.

Horse Hero Update - 20th December 2014

Sam Brown goes on a breeding trip to Brazil and visits some baby LusitanosLatest Blogs. Melissa Beer learns about her horses, Karen Morris has an unexpected incident, Polly Williamson uses her imagination, Alex Brown tries something new and Sarah Fisher is in her element. Sam Brown has the trip of a lifetime, Natalie Allen has an unexpected purchase, Shiwon Green is perplexed, Maria Wynne makes a confession and Annie Joppe has fun outings. Jessica Gale has a mishap, Sarah Isaacs bites the bullet, new blogger Will Hunt begins down under and Jo Eccles has a double victory.

Editorial. In our latest Guest Feature, Canadian dressage rider Leueen Willoughby explains the ins and outs of flying horses. This article is an eye-opener and will leave you in no doubt as to the incredible nature of horses! There is also a selection of straight-talking answers to forum questions from Horse Hero Guru which includes the pros and cons of using boots for jumping and turnout, treating thrush in hooves and getting a horse to work 'round and low'. Plus you can read a selection of last month's blogs if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Polocrosse blogger Alex Brown and Drummer!Xmas shopping. Look no further than Horse Hero for the perfect Xmas gift for your horsey friends and relatives! A subscription gift voucher (for six or twelve months) will buy enduring entertainment, training and inspiration!

New biography. Will Hunt is a natural horseman who starts and trains horses using Australian horsemanship methods (see video above). He is also a keen Polocrosse player.

Filming. We recently returned to film with dressage rider Dan Greenwood who taught two lessons to up and coming riders in his usual impeccable style. Previously, we filmed renowned trainer Pammy Hutton at the Talland School of Equitation teaching yard rider Davey on her own up and coming 5 year old and new daughter-in-law Abigail, who Pammy put through her paces on two different horses! Horse Hero founder Fiona Price has also been filming her endurance horse Taz who is currently having a break at an usual therapy centre.

Next video: Horse Hero founder Fiona Price takes her endurance horse Taz for an unusual treatment!

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