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Training a youngster with eventer Alberto Giugni, the Scale of Training explained by BHS Fellow Tim Downes and improving a rider's position on the lunge with BHS Fellow Rob Lovatt. Dressage rider Kate Cowell uses lateral work to increase suppleness for horse and rider, Pammy Hutton trains daughter-in-law Abi, David Pincus works with daughter Lucy and young show jumper Emily Ward does fitness work on the flat.


Jo Eccles takes on a different roleLatest Blogs. Jo Eccles takes on a different role, Olivia Wilmot warms-up for Badminton, Sam Ecroyd has an embarrassing moment, Shiwon Green makes a speedy recovery, Sam Brown is on foal-watch, life doesn't stop for Alex Franklin and Jane Naughton grits her teeth,.Karen Morris' ponies are bouncing, Natalie Allen has a surprise, Polly Williamson teaches tactics and Jessica Gale gets out and about!

Editorial. In our current Guest Feature, Canadian dressage rider Leueen Willoughby tracks the progress of dressage 'cinderellas' heading to the Olympics and explains why the Nations Cup in Wellington, Florida is so contentious this year. You can also read straight-talking answers to forum questions from Horse Hero Guru and a selection of last month's blogs if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Filming. We recently filmed Team GB eventing stalwart and multi-medallist Jeanette Brakewell, working youngsters through a variety of jumping exercises and teaching a lesson to a 'grass roots' rider. Previously, we filmed Grand Prix dressage rider Louise Davison working with renowned German trainer Conrad Schumacher.

Next video: Italian eventer Alberto Giugni helps show jumper Ryan to develop his young mare's jumping style.

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