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Dressage trainer Anna Brown helps GB Para rider Ricky Balshaw with the quality of the walk, classical dressage trainer David Pincus works on the quality of the canter with Olivia Towers and Olympian Sandy Phillips trains Beth on balance in the canter. Meantime, young horse specialist Will Turnbull gives a three year old her first canter under saddle.

HORSE HERO UPDATE - 29th April 2016

Erin Williams does some modelling - on the side!Latest Blogs. Melissa Beer learns a lot, it's all change for Karen Morris, Polly Williamson prepares to launch, Jackie Bennett gets set for the World Champs' and Olivia Wilmot builds up for Badminton. Georgia Taylor-Jones is gutted, Erin Williams receives a compliment, Sarah Isaacs is thrilled to be back and it's busy times for Annie Joppe. Mission accomplished for Jessica Gale, Natalie Allen inspires confidence and Alex Franklin anticipates events!

Editorial. Lots of great Guest Features, plus straight-talking answers to forum questions from our very own Horse Hero Guru including problems with biting and bucking, an ex-racer and learning piaffe without an instructor. Plus a selection of last month's blogs, if you haven't caught up with all our bloggers recently.

Filming. We recently filmed with dressage rider and trainer Leonie Smith who worked with natives including a Freisian and a cob and trained World Class Para rider Ashley. Previously, we returned to work with fellow dressage rider Dan Greenwood. Riding three horses for us, Dan demonstrated some very useful exercises to help with connection and suppleness which, oddly enough, we haven’t filmed ever before!

Previously, we returned to classical dressage trainer David Pincus who worked with up and coming young rider Olivia Towers. Olivia rode two horses we filmed a few months ago, so we could see the progression. She also rode a daughter of Scandic.

Next video. Dressage trainer Anna Brown builds power in Midnight's trot.

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