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  • 30 Jan 2017
  • Babies galore!

Not sure if it is because I've had a more relaxed time of late with just coaching due to my broken wrist but since my last blog it's been non stop here! I am delighted to be back in the saddle and not only that but back to coaching my own Academy series of ‘Snakes & Ladders’ too. I had 89 applicants for the last session, with only 24 spaces, so it’s fair to say I was overwhelmed!

A new 'baby'!

Although my horses have been 'ticking over' while I've been out of action I am delighted with how they have come back to full work. Particularly Holmegards Bastian, who has benefited from the break and came back stronger than before. I am hoping to get out to our first competition the second week of February. The plan was to get Electric out too but, unfortunately, he pulled his shoe off and stood on the nails which was a set-back. He is in work again now though, so hopefully he will be out soon.

I can't quite believe that the stud season is nearly upon us! This year we have 10 foals arriving and I'm particularly excited about my own Weltreglntin's foal who is by Blue Hors Zack. Weltreglntin (Tin Tin) had a super hind leg so combined with this stallion, I think the offspring is going pretty special. We have 3 foals by Holmegards Bastian due, 3 by Godrics Campeggio, 1 by LE Chiffre, 1 By Danger 36 and 1 by Foundation. The first foal is due in April. Speaking of babies I am also excited to introduce the newest four legged member of the family, our little 5 weeks old German Shepard puppy, still to be named (any suggestions?).

Sam gets back in the saddle!

My parents attended the Breeding awards in London earlier this month to collect an award for our own Elite graded LE Chiffre - the 'Pony Performance and Breeding award' who achieved over 70% in all three of his tests at the European Dressage Championships in Denmark last summer with his then rider, Lara Kuropatwa. This pony is not a stranger to awards as this is now his 4th breeding prize. Now with Charlotte Mcdowell, Le Chiffre (Peanut) is doing very well with scores of over 74% and some great comments after only a couple of months together.

So for now it's back to training and gym work for me in preparation for my summer qualifiers in a few weeks. Although I don't have any regional competitions this year I have lots of clients attending who I will be supporting. It is always great to be able to see my clients in action and watch our combined work unfold in the arena, so I can take the positives and constructive criticism away and we can work on it together. I definitely find this is an important factor to coaching as we all know that the work we get in the arena at home can be completely different to what we get in between the whiteboards at a competition. Sometimes, having to pitch the judge’s comments against our feel, when we haven't had eyes on the ground can be difficult.

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