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Alex Brown

Alex Brown (right) training in Ireland


  • Age: 15
  • Favourite Horse: Barbara, my first polocrosse horse. I managed to persuade my Mum to buy Barbara, an ex-high goal polo pony, who's reduced price reflected the wear and tear to her tendons. With a lot of patience and hard work she has become a brilliant polocrosse horse. Three years on and Barbara is still sound, still brilliant, has learned to jump and is now being played by my younger brother.
  • Greatest Moment: Being selected for the UK Under 16 Squad.
  • Words of Wisdom: Don’t fall off!
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Essential Piece of Kit: My stock saddle.
  • Aim for 2015: To be selected again for the U16 squad.
  • Hero or Heroine: Jason Webb, horse trainer and polocrosse player.


I am the middle one of three polocrosse playing brothers. We live on a farm in Sussex where my parents breed beef cattle and Connemara ponies. My introduction to horses started with the angelic family Shetland. My parents would lead me round our farm on her and used Breeze as a sort of four 'wheel drive push-chair'. When I joined the Pony Club I tried all disciplines with Breeze, before passing her on to my younger brother and progressing to bigger faster ponies. My first love was mounted games on my excitable little pony Maisy. Like all the ponies that we rode, she was brought as an unbroken three year old and when she arrived, she impressed me by jumping out over the stable door. Maisy and I learned together and although breaking in my own ponies meant I fell off more than most, it gave me invaluable experience and an insight into training horses.

As well as mounted games, I competed in show jumping, eventing, tetrathlon and, sometimes with the encouragement of my mother, managed to beat the girls in the dressage arena! But when I tried polocrosse with its competitive nature, speed, agility and team skills I knew that this was the sport for me. After a successful first polocrosse season, which included winning at the Pony Club Championships with my pony club pony, it was time to find a bigger faster horse for polocrosse.

I persuaded mum to buy Barbara, an ex-high goal polo pony, who with patience and hard work has become equally brilliant at polocrosse and show jumping. My current horse came to us in horse swap with Jason Webb (previous Horse Hero blogger) who gave us "Candy" in exchange for our polocrosse schoolmistress Janey Mac who is now giving the Webb children loads of fun. Last year I had the amazing experience of representing my country at polocrosse and benefiting from coaching by Debbie Harris, UK U16 team coach and international player.

Apart from playing polocrosse , enjoy training other people's horses and working on my project horse, an ex-racer Jacko who is hoping to get a new career in eventing. I also help out with the handling and starting of our home bred Connemara ponies. When I'm not with the horses, I play the guitar, enjoy parkour, work out at the gym and somehow manage to get my school work done! My inspiration is, horse trainer and polocrosse player Jason Webb.


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