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  • 21 Aug 2016
  • A tough decision!

This has been a month of ups and downs with the horses. My polocrosse horse Candy has suffered from sarcoids all the time that I have owned her. For three years I have managed to keep the problem under control and Candy has been a brilliant horse. But this year the sarcoids were worse than ever and in spite of trying every possible avenue and getting advice from specialist vets, nothing seemed to help. Candy has always been very stoical, but her quality of life was suffering so the difficult decision was made to have her put to sleep. I will always remember what a great horse she was, all the achievements we had together and the years of fun that Candy and I had playing polocrosse.

Honey chills out in the sun!

My younger brother Jack’s two horses are aged eighteen and twenty, and although neither of them are showing their age, we were on the lookout for a younger horse for him to bring on. After a tip-off from Debbie Harris, the U16s team coach we went to a polo yard to look at a 7 year old mare who had become rather too excitable for polo and they thought she might make a polocrosse horse. Both Jack and I tried "Darcy" a 15.2hh good looking, fast thoroughbred.

Although we both liked her, Darcy suited my style of riding better and although she was quite green I could see a lot of potential. We agreed to buy her if she passed the vetting. The father of one of my polocrosse friends is an equine vet and knows exactly what is expected from a polocrosse horse, so he did the pre-purchase vetting and Darcy passed. Frustratingly, we have been too busy hay-making on the farm to do the long drive to Cirencester to pick her up. I am really looking forward to the challenge of bringing on a new horse for polocrosse though.

I was happy with my AS-level results and still plan to study physics at Uni. Birmingham University held a physics summer school which I attended and really enjoyed; it was great to get an insight into university life and this has helped me form my post A-level plans.

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