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Wonderful footage of riders and their horses at shows and events, across a range of disciplines. These videos provide a unique insight into those at the top of their game.

  • Badminton Horse Trials
  • Badminton Horse Trials '08
  • Behind the scenes footage at the 2008 Badminton Horse Trials. Interviews with competitors on dressage day reveal their nerves, their routines and their thoughts.
  • British National Dressage Championships
  • British National Dressage Championships '08
  • Interviews with leading competitors, footage of their warmups, their tests and their reaction to their performances. Competition coverage, but not as you have seen it before!
  • Express Eventing
  • Express Eventing '08
  • Rider stories from the inaugural Express Eventing at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Horse Hero follows a number of riders through the competition with coverage of the action and behind the scenes.
  • Olympia International Horse Show
  • Olympia International Horse Show '08
  • The Olympia Xmas Show is a spectacle. From the Shetland Grand National to the Puissance and the Kur, its an orgy of equestrian entertainment! We show you Olympia as you have never seen it!
  • Windsor Horse Show
  • Windsor Horse Show '09
  • From 14th May, amazing coverage from Windsor Horse Show '09 including interviews, behind the scenes, dressage, show-jumping, carriage driving and more. Plus insights and entertainment!
  • Golden Horseshoe Ride
  • Golden Horseshoe Ride '09
  • The Golden Horseshoe endurance ride on Exmoor is one of the most challenging rides in Europe! Find out what endurance is all about and meet some GB team riders and their horses.
  • World Dressage Masters, Hickstead
  • World Dressage Masters, Hickstead '09
  • Extraordinary coverage of the competition including Edward Gal's new world record in the Kur. Horse Hero followed Dutch superstars throughout the competition plus some of the British riders!
  • Trec, Polo & Games
  • Trec, Polo & Games
  • Trec, polo and mounted games. We delve deep into the lesser known equestrian sports to find out more about them and meet some of the pros in each sport. Lots to entertain!
  • British National Dressage Championships
  • British National Dressage Champs '09
  • Still basking in medal glory from the European Championships, the British Nationals was an exciting event. Team medallists dominated but we captured lovely stories of top riders in the Kur.
  • Vaulting
  • Vaulting
  • Amazing gymnastics on a horse from tiny tots to seniors. Vaulting is a spectacle and a challeging team sport. It's beatiful to watch, artistic and requires horsemanship, fitness and athleticism. What a sport!
  • Laura Bechtolsheimer, National Champion 2010
  • British National Dressage Champs '10
  • The Nationals 2010 were just before WEG, so we interview team members and watch them compete. World number three, top British rider, Laura Bechtolsheimer wins National Champion!
  • Burghley Horse Trials 2014
  • Burghley Horse Trials 2014
  • Horse Hero followed riders through the 4 & 5 year old Young Event Horse finals. As you can imagine, there were a few hijinks from the youngsters! We also interviewed some riders competing in the 4* event.


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