Laura Bechtolsheimer's final preparations for London 2012

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Laura Bechtolsheimer and Alf are just a few weeks away from contesting their second Olympic Games. Still only in her 20's, Laura tells Horse Hero's Fiona Price that London feels different to Beijing, as their achievements are greater and they are established as a partnership. However, this brings greater expectations! Laura has had a good year leading up to the Games and Fiona asks about the pros and cons of performing on home soil. Laura explains her last project with Alf before London and tells Fiona about her plans for the 17 year old star afterwards. She also reveals who the youngsters are that will eventually follow in Alf's footsteps!


MSCH 27 Jul 2012 Many thanks for your quick response, Laura! Much appreciated. Sounds good! Contains everything the heart could wish for ... and, as a side note, related to Teddy (Ladykiller xx). Good luck in London! I'll be watching, fingers crossed!
Laura Bechtolsheimer 23 Jul 2012 Hi, the 8 year old mare is called Unique (but we call her Minnie). She is Holsteiner by Carpaccio and the dam sire is Lord. Thanks for all the good luck messages!
Anja 23 Jul 2012 Best wishes from your biggest fan in Norway!
MSCH 22 Jul 2012 Alf looks better than ever before! Go and grasp an individual medal too! Great new freestyle, btw. Can you tell us more about the 8 year old mare you have, breeding etc?
mcnaughty 18 Jul 2012 Go Laura and Alf! Best of luck and yes I WILL be glued to the screen - my OHs golf will be taking a back seat!! Best of wishes also to Lee Pearson!

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