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Jackie Bennett

Jackie orienteering at a competition


  • Age: Old enough to no longer care what other people think of me!
  • Favourite Horse: Bradley an IDX Latvian that I would never have gone to look at if my husband had not said he was too close by not too. The biggest character you could every find in a horse, so very special in so very many ways! Definitely irreplaceable.
  • Greatest Moment: Being selected to represent the country at the Europeans in Austria in 2010. I never imagined in my wildest dreams we would ever be in that position.
  • Words of Wisdom: You get out what you put in. If you want it badly enough then never stop working at it.
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Essential Piece of Kit: For my horse my Free Easy saddle and for my sanity my myler Pelham with double reins, we have to use the same kit on both days of competition and this gives me control when I need it!
  • Aim for 2015: To keep myself and Bradley fit and well and achieve selection for the World TREC Championships in Segovia Spain in September 2016.
  • Hero or Heroine: My Husband, Martin - always encouraged, always supported and is always there for me. I couldn’t do it without him, he keeps me sane.


I didn't come from what I would call a "horsey "family. When we lived in Leicestershire our neighbours had a farm with pony and horses. I was allowed to earn a ride on a pony in return for doing jobs such as picking fruit. I remember spending a lot of time falling off always it seemed to be in nettles. My mother learnt to ride later in life and my father bought her a cob called Donegal.

After my mother had an operation her attentions changed from riding to golf, so I was allowed to ride Donny. I still had never had lessons and remember riding him down the drive and deciding to turn one way and he would go the other. He always won. He taught me two things, one how to stay on and two how to make him go the way I wanted to go. When I was 15 the rest of the family all had various plans for the summer holidays, all except me so my parents decided to send me to an 'eager beaver' holiday in Hampshire where I worked and looked after horses for 6 weeks.

I loved it and returned after leaving school to train there. That didn't quite work out so well, so I went to work at a riding school/ hunting yard in Derbyshire where we now live. I stayed there for several years taking my AI and then moved on to being self-employed as a groom, instructor and fittened event horses for Sue Carson. In order to supplement my income, I worked on my father's petrol forecourt on days off and holidays and later, I went full time and helped in the office. As time went on I worked my way up the ladder.

We stopped selling petrol in 2006 and concentrated on just repairing vehicles. Somewhere along the line, I ended up running the business. It is very hard work, challenging but rewarding. I discovered TREC when two ladies did a talk and demonstration at Flash In Derbyshire. It sounded fab' so I entered a competition there and have been hooked ever since. I started on my World Horse Welfare horse, Lloyd, a black and a shire cross. We did pairs with two different friends until he went lame. Unfortunately, Lloyd was never going to be sound enough to continue competing so was retired into the field with his companion world Horse welfare horse Polly. Left horseless, I started looking for a replacement that would take me to level 4 ( the highest level) - I tried Bradley and the rest is history. I love the sport. Bradley is a fantastic horse and definitely my horse of a lifetime.



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