Denise O'Reilly uses biomechanics to train Angela and Amber on more engagement: Part 2

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Angela is competing at Prelim level dressage with 11 yr old Conamara mare Amber. Biomechanics coach Denise O'Reilly trains the pair on achieving the engagement required to step up to Novice. Following on from a previous session, Denise asks Angela to ride shoulder-in on a 10m circle in walk. "If the mare takes smaller steps, she must go more sideways" says Denise. In trot, the circle is increased to 18m. "When the steps are bigger and more forwards, you can accept less sideways movement" she continues. "Increased suppleness as a result of the leg-yield enables the hind legs to step under and Amber to travel more forwards therefore creating more engagement" adds Denise.


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