February '17 Highlights

February '17 Highlights

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In this selection of excerpts, the focus is on dressage including body-work for riders. American posture coach Peggy Cummings works with problem mare Spring and explains how riding in softness benefits the horse, while biomechanics coach Denise O'Reilly trains Angela and Amber on lateral work to aid engagement. Dressage rider Levi Hunt trains the extravagant mare Eppy and eventer Willa Newton focuses on suppleness to warm-up her older 4* horse Chip. Plenty of inspiration and ideas to try with your horses!

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katherine 22 Mar 2017 Horse Hero does a fabulous work bringing us so many wonderful videos each month. Thank you! Anyone wanting to see how to train a horse with softness and lightness should definitely watch Peggy Cummings riding Spring. Peggy refreshes the parts that other instructors cannot reach. I know, I was at the session. So many riders talk about lightness but when you turn the volume down on their videos and really focus on what is happening you can see that often their words are empty. Peggy is the real deal.

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