Fiona Price

Fiona Price during filming at Mark Tomlinson's polo yard


  • Age: Timeless, in my mind!
  • Favourite Horse: Ginny Elliot's boys, in their time... Priceless, Nightcap & Master Craftsman
  • Greatest Moment: Not so much 'greatest' as 'defining', eg. setting up my first business in 1988, selling it in 2004; rowing in Commonwealth Games in 1986; doing my first (and only) Intermediate Horse Trials; being on The Today Programme; running a marathon in 100 degrees centigrade in Australia; talking to a live audience of 2000; keeping my body under control and my wits about me when I amputated a finger; raising the money to fund Horse Hero and various other projects!
  • Words of Wisdom: Be passionate about what you do, be guided by your instinct, be true to yourself
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Essential Piece of Kit: Tenacity, committment and not compromising your standards!
  • Aim for 2015: To progress Horse Hero as an international website and work towards qualification for senior team selection in endurance
  • Hero or Heroine: All those with heart, courage and wisdom


I started out in the financial sector, having graduated with a degree in Psychology and an MBA. The only reason I did the MBA was to get to London to train with the British Rowing Squad. It was a shock to find myself in the City as I was maths phobic and the only MBA graduate (or so I thought) who couldn't read a balance sheet! However, it turned out to be very interesting and I found myself focused on providing financial advice for women, something unheard of at the time. I set up my first business at 28. After selling it 18 years later, I had a more varied career being a non-executive director on various Boards in different sectors, which gave me a new take on business.

However, having said I would never start my own business again, I wanted to move into media, especially TV or video. So I set up a video website for business women called Diva Biz which launched in September 2007. This involved interviewing top business women and gaining an insight into their lives and their business wisdom. Horse Hero overlapped with this, as it took two years to come to fruition but it was clearly going to be a 24/7 proposition, so I had made the difficult decision to drop Diva-Biz. I am loving doing something, finally, which combines my passion for horses and business!

I currently have two horses of my own, Tes Ezraa (on the GB World Class Endurance Squad) and a gorgeous 3 year old (my future endurance horse) Bey Dashar. A number of my horses (past and present) are featured in Horse Hero videos. I am a trained healer which I use mainly on my animals and the spiritual side of life is very important to me. On the sporting side, I was an elite oarswoman during the 70's and 80's when I rowed for Wales, including competing at the 1986 Commonwealth Games. I won the Home International in a coxless four and took silver twice at the National Championships in a coxless pair. I have a full motorbike licence and intend to be a 'born-again biker' one day! My thoughts on horses, well, quite simply, horses are my heroes! They've taught me a huge amount about myself, they've been my best friends and I've had endless fun learning with them. They are my meditation, my joy and my peace!

(For more, there is an article on Fiona on The Next Woman website.)


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