Swelling in girth area

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02 Feb 2010 12:06
My pony was hacked out yesterday (10 miles), then two swellings appeared under the girth area last night, either side of the midline. No other swellings anywhere, all other vital signs normal. Swellings are quite large (palm of hand size), hot and firm, uncomfortable when palpated, he is eating up and seems just fine. Not a typical girth gall. Is it possible the girth (cushioned) was too tight, we were walking up and down hills.
He has been walked out today and had a pick of grass with herbs.
He had this once before, but not as extreme. I will call the vet if he gets any worse, but last time it cleared up in a day or two. he has not been out at grass for four days. Is this an lymphatic node area, the two swellings are identical and either side of the lower midline.
there has been a new horse on the yard which came from a dealer, two weeks ago, but it looks in rude health, no other horses have any infection.
Horse Hero Guru
02 Feb 2010 21:21
Hi Joallan

From your description I would say that these are girth galls. I imagine that your pony has not been doing much work lately and a is probably beginning to shed his winter coat which will make his skin more likely to rub – the combination of sweat, hair and a bit of mud under a tight girth is an uncomfortable mix!

I suggest that you rest him (or ride bareback!) and rub surgical spirit into the skin around the girth are to harden up the skin a bit.

A girth sleeve can sometimes help prevent rubbing – although sometimes it can make it worse, especially if it just absorbs more dirt and sweat. At times like this an old fashioned string girth is also useful as it allows air to circulate around the girth area.

I hope the problem clears up quickly and agree that if it continues it would be a good idea to get it checked by your vet
03 Feb 2010 08:58
Thanks HHG, he has been in work all winter and is clipped in the area, he was groomed after work, no mud, no sweat in this area, i will try a fleece girth cover next time.


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