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Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher and Toto at home


  • Age: 47
  • Favourite Horse: Toto
  • Greatest Moment: Too many to mention!
  • Words of Wisdom: You can’t change the past but you can shape the future!
  • Star Sign: Aries
  • Essential Piece of Kit: My long white dressage schooling stick called a 'wand'!
  • Aim for 2015: To promote kind, respectful handling and training techniques for all animals under the banner 'Cool to be Kind'
  • Hero or Heroine: Linda Tellington-Jones


I first came across the work of Linda Tellington-Jones when I read a book entitled the Tellington TTouch in 1995. Some weeks later, Linda came to the UK to give a demonstration for the BHS and what I witnessed that night was to change my life.

I went on to train with Linda and her sister Robyn Hood in the US and I now run the UK Centre for TTEAM and TTOUCH from my farm near Bath. I have a fantastically varied job teaching workshops, working with private clients and taking in horses for starting, training and/or rehabilitation. Although I work with all animals, I primarily work with horses and dogs and foster the top puppies for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, as well as teaching staff workshops for the UK’s leading animal charities such as the Dogs Trust.

I also travel around the UK and abroad giving talks and demonstrations for a variety of practitioner organisations and charities. Animal welfare is another important part of my life and my partner, Anthony Head, and I support many animal charities and are Patrons of the Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Centre. Tony is an actor and I am incredibly proud of his acheivements on stage, TV and film.

Aside from working with horses and other animals my other great passion is writing. I have written four books - ‘Know Your Horse Inside Out’, ‘Unlock Your Dog’s Potential’, ‘100 Ways to Train the Perfect Dog’ and '100 Ways to Solve your Dog's Problems', the latter two being co-written with my fabulous friend Marie Miller.

I am lucky that the UK media has expressed such an interest in my work and have had the good fortune to make several television appearances including This Morning (ITV1), Blue Peter (BBC1), Talking to Animals (ITV1 and National Geographic), Only Fools on Horses (BBC1), The One Show (BBC1) and HorseTails.

Tony and I share our lives with our two stunning daughters, Emily and Daisy (who are also successful actors), plus a veritable menagerie of horses, dogs, donkeys, cats and rabbits!

One of my highlights of 2011 was working with the horses of Dunsink and finally getting an indoor school! Also, the first Equine Health and Welfare Conference was held in Ireland in 2011 and was a great success, so I hope that we can make this an annual event. Education and welfare sit side by side and my commitment to teaching continues for 2012 with another packed schedule already for the coming year. I will be heading out to Spain, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, and Ireland as well as teaching around the UK and I will be developing further courses under the banner 'Cool to be Kind'. I am currently working on a book regarding difficult horses with my good friend and colleague Karen Bush and will also be seeing plenty of clients!

I am so lucky to spend my days doing something that I love and with a variety of work coming in am looking forward to all that this year has to offer. None of this would be possible without my wonderful family and the brilliant team at Tilley Farm and I am eternally grateful to them all for their ongoing support.


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