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  • 14 Jan 2017
  • Impatience!

Daisy standing on her door frame!My brother came down with his children and stayed with us over Christmas. It was the first time I have had Christmas with my brother in about 30 years. It certainly brought the ‘inner child’ out in us all. Once the children had gone to sleep, we snuck out in the hallway and put some presents out. They were not expecting presents as they thought that Santa was only going to Wales where they lived. Paul had pre-empted this as he could not fit much in his car. We also got the flour out and made Santa’s footsteps in the hall. It was one of those situations where we started giggling and trying to keep quiet made us worse. I think we were more excited that his children.

I got up early to do the ponies. By Christmas day, I had mastered how to muck out one handed. I wanted to see the children find the footsteps and open a couple of presents but they were fast asleep. We waited for half an hour before making such a racket, they had to wake up. Little Rio (4) went into the hallway first half asleep and came back and pulled me into the hallway. His face was a picture! When I told him that Santa had dropped a couple of presents to my house as well, he was so excited.

Christmas day went rather quickly but was lovely having everyone round. I have no idea how my brother copes with four young children as they absolutely wore me out and they were only here for a few days. We took them down to the park on Boxing Day to get rid of some of their energy!

I went back to work on the 3rd January and the hand wasn’t too bad as I could type a bit but couldn’t really write for the first week. Work is so busy at the moment, the days just speed past and I still can’t fit it all in. Doing the horses in the mornings or evenings certainly helps to unwind but it does make the days really long at the moment.

Kids in the park on Boxing Day!

Daisy has a way of making sure that we notice her when we come in the yard and she stands on the ‘Z’ frame on her stable door to make her seem a lot taller. She has done this since she was a foal which is so strange as her mum has always done it but they have not been in a stable together apart from Daisy’s first couple of days. It’s like an instinct. My brother came down the yard, looked at her and said he didn’t think I had horses that big. When I told him to look over the door, he realised she was tiny. She is really settling in to her routine now and has been a lot more sensible. Let’s hope that lasts when I start exercising her again.

Field Tourists!

I am managing to muck out now but I still am not allowed to empty the barrows. To be fair, I wouldn’t actually be able to. Four weeks later and my hand feels normal if I am typing or doing simple things but I still have no real grip and cannot pull at anything with my left hand. I am now getting impatient though which I knew would happen. I tried changing bulbs on my car this morning which are not as easy as they should be and I needed two hands to pull part of the trim out of the way. I had to give up and ask Dad for help. I am hoping the grip comes back soon as I really want to crack on with the ponies and I am so independent, I hate having to rely on people when I feel I should be able to do it myself.

The snow came in the other day, just as forecast at 5pm almost to the dot. The drive home was very slow but then the sleet came in behind it and thankfully it was gone as fast as it came. As pretty as snow is, it is hard work with horses! Fingers crossed, I will be able to start lunging in a couple of weeks and it won’t be too long before the ‘field tourists’ are back and starting work.

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