Richard Maxwell shows how to ride a spooky horse

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This is another great insight into horse psychology from Richard Maxwell. It's amazing how some of the big issues have simple solutions! Fino is a 15 year old, so his spooky response to strange objects is well established. First Richard asks Becky to ride him past an obstacle in order to assess his sensitivity. Then Richard explains the 'three strikes and you're out' rule and points out where we usually go wrong. Nuisance behaviour can easily become dangerous at a competition, or at home. Richard uses 'kidology' to show Fino how to control his emotions better. Softness, praise and release is the key, which can be practised in the safely of your school.


murfs 25 Mar 2011 Thank you Richard. I have had my horse for almost 1 year now and he is very spooky. This video has shown me exactly how to deal with his problem and be safe at the same time. I have been thrown from him due to his spookiness so hopefully now we can overcome this together.
JohnF. 18 Dec 2010 Thank you, Richard. The timing of this video is just right as I live in Canada and winter is upon us. That means we're riding indoors most of the time, and my horse spooks at everything - the door, a patch on the wall - silly stuff. I think its because he finds it boring in there rather than being genuinely afraid, but I am definitely going to try your technique when I ride tomorrow.
mariamarquise 4 Sep 2010 Fascinating, and very difficult to achieve the right timing! I thought myself an expert on dealing with spooky horses but I certainly learned something new here!
Alirules 5 Mar 2010 An excellent demonstration, thanks Richard!
SallyEde 22 Feb 2010 Thanks Richard, I have been searching for a solution to spooking problems, and this is totally logical. What about spooky showjumps, would you leg yield around the jump before having a go? How do you encourage them to be bold into a fence that is spooky? Many thanks

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