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  • 25 Jan 2017
  • I must be mad!

I can’t believe it's 2017....I'm feeling old now (and sound like my mum)! We had a great but hectic festive time. Having a toddler adds to the craziness...I really wonder what my life was like before Hamish, how on earth did I ever think I was busy?! And to think by next year there's going to another one...I must be mad!!

Fitness training on the beachWe had several visits to see Santa - playgroup, swimming group and I can't remember what other groups. But it was all good fun. Hamish started off being scared of Santa but he got used to him. And he still likes to tell me Santa's watching if I ever ask him if he's behaving ...not sure how many months we can keep this going though?

December and January are busy times in both my family and John's for birthdays so we have to add that to the excitement (or should I say chaos) of Christmas! In between all the craziness I did try to keep Axil and Zeb ticking over. No outings, just working at home. They both had haircuts so started to look a bit more like event horses and less like polar bears! I'm sure in the winter Axil has grown, he's definitely much taller!

They both saw Rachel the physio’ before Christmas as I wanted to make sure everything was in order now they were back in work. She was happy with them. I had hoped to go to Ian Stark’s for some lessons but Christmas took over and I was feeling quite exhausted and really couldn't afford to let myself get run down or ill, especially as when you're pregnant there's really nothing you can take, so you have to just deal with it!

I'm hoping to get a visit to Ian's soon and planning for David to come over to give me lessons and help to work them as I'm finding they're now fitter and needing a bit more work on some days and it's getting harder for me. I have been lunging them in the Pessoa as well as riding and doing lots of walk and trot poles, so they are feeling good.

We took them to my new place which is still a work in progress, for a hack as well. I really don't enjoy hacking but know they have to do it. As they've been at my parents for so long the hacks are just getting a bit boring there so it was much more exciting going to mine. We were out for 1 hour 15 mins which for me is a long time and I could have stayed out longer. We're lucky as well as there's very little traffic, so it's much more relaxing. I think the horses enjoyed a change of scene! We also went to the beach so they could have a nice work out. It's great as we go in the shallow water and mostly walk and trot so they have to work quite hard. We do a little bit of steady cantering. I never gallop them on the beach though, I'm too nervous in case anything happens or there's rubbish or variations in the sand.

There are lots of changes here, my parents house is up for sale as they want to down size. The horses are obviously still there but at the moment my journey is doubled as there's a road closed for 6 weeks as there are houses being built nearby, so I feel as if I spend so much time driving. I just keep telling myself it’s only for a couple more months. We have the guys booked in from the beginning of February to get my stables and arena finished, so that's exciting.

Olivia's father in law paints Olivia and Axil coming through the finish at Gatcombe

Now I need to spend some time working out the finer details which so far I haven't put any thought into! I need to think about my tack room lay-out and design inside the buildings. I've just been so excited about having the stables in a barn and everything at home! I think it's lucky I won't be eventing at the start of March as trying to get everything organised in time for that as well would be really crazy!

I have been doing a lot of teaching as we have been lucky that this winter has been fairly mild with only a few days of frost and snow. We had BE u18 training day the first weekend in January and this year is was so fully booked we could have had 2 days (it's nice to be popular!), so next year is apparently already in the calendar for 2 days! I’m enjoying being pregnant as I seem to get lots of helpers to do fences when I am teaching, so it makes my life so much easier. I could get used to having them all the time!

It's going to be a big year, so here's hoping that the results are big too! Burghley is my big aim for Axil again this year and it’s going to a good one!

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  • Ashlynn
  • 23 Feb 2017
Does anyone still use this website? cause I cant find any active forums??? Cute horse btw (:

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