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  • 15 Mar 2017
  • All change!

The eventing season has just started but it still feels wintery! There's been a lot of things going on here and the next few weeks is going to be even more hectic, so I think it's lucky I'm having a baby and not trying to prepare for Badminton, as that would be really tricky!

Olivia with trainer David riding Axil

David puts Zebedee through his pacesMy parents have sold their house which is good news for them but also sad as it's the end of an era! They've been there for over 28 years so it's going to feel strange. The biggest headache though is moving everything out of by the end of the month (and they haven't bought anywhere yet)! As you can imagine there's been a huge collection of things over the years horsey and non-horsey! So, this is no small task. My parents have decided as it's happening quickly, it’s best to get in professional packers and removers. Before they move, we're having a family get together / take your pick - hopefully, there will be no fall outs!

As my parents will be out before the stables are finished at my new house, my horses are moving to a friends for a few weeks. So I also need to pack up (sort out / clear out / re-organise) and work out what goes with them to my friends, what goes to my place and rehome or bin the rest! With all this going on (plus a 2 year old to run around after) I've had very little time to ride. Axil and Zebedee are ticking over, I try to ride a couple of times a week plus they're lunged and David, my dressage trainer, has been over to school them a few times, so they are half fit and feeling well. I'm hoping Axil will find a new love for dressage! Zeb is now getting a bit too bouncy for me to do much more than a few strides of trot when we hack out but Axil has much less 'spring' so I find him easier!

Axil does polework

Hamish helps the builders!

I've been doing quite a lot of teaching which I have to say I enjoy and rarely does it feel like 'work'! I've got a few long days teaching before the baby arrives and I'm on a type of maternity leave. I've also managed to do my Pony Club CPD day so I'm hoping I'm keeping everything up to date.

Work is going well at my new yard, we have half an arena fence, steel has arrived for the stables so they are going up imminently and I am very excited about it all! Especially for rainy days, I look forward to having my stables in a barn! Hamish loves having all the diggers and dumpers around and he likes to take his toy versions outside and do 'work like the guys'!!!!

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