All about Horse Hero

All about Horse Hero

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This is for those who are new to the site! Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the best riders and the rest of us? Most of us don’t get to spend time on top competition yards (like the Bechtosheimers’ featured in this video), or get into conversation with top riders. Horse Hero gives you access to the best from the comfort of your home, on video which is the most powerful way to learn (aside from riding your horse)! Click the pink button at the top of the page to subscribe and find out what top riders think when they are riding and how they look after their horses. You can also get into dialogue with them!


Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 8 May 2010 Thanks. It wasn't meant for public consumption, but we had to post it on the site in order to link to it from the subscription pages. It's for anyone who need more information before subscribing!
Bri 8 May 2010 Really relaxing watching this clip Fiona!

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