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To help you get the most out of the site, we have grouped a number of videos by subject which are related to common issues owners and riders have with their horses. Click on the links below to get to the videos, which are a selection of what's available. There are more on each subject in the Library. Alternatively, try a video search on the Home Page (or in the Video Library) if you are looking for something specific.

Improving your horse’s flatwork

Warming-up your horse

Perfecting your lateral work

Balance and self carriage

Suppleness and responsiveness

Ground work for youngsters

Ridden work for youngsters

How to ride a dressage test

Varied uses of polework in training

Freestyle to music

Advanced dressage

Lunging and long reining

Improving your horse’s jumping

Grid-work to improve your horse’s jumping technique

Dealing with excitability when jumping

Jumping for youngsters

Cross country jumping

Jumping a course

Lessons on Horse Hero

Join in the learning in Horse Hero lessons

Body Work

Caring for your horse

Post exercise care

Trimming your horse to perfection

Horse behaviour

How to improve your horse's behaviour

Teach your horse some tricks!


A feast of dressage competitions and pre-WEG preparation

Competition tips and sports psychology

Showing & turnout

Challenge Fiona

Horsehero's founder, Fiona Price tries different disciplines

National Team Training

Fly-on-the-wall at GB squad training sessions

Laura Bechtolsheimer


Interviews and Horse Heroes

Stable and horse management tips


The Eilberg Family


Videos to brighten up your day!


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