Laura B works on softness & self-carriage with Telwell: Part 2

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Having warmed-up in Part 1, the focus is now on collected advanced moves in 'working' rather than 'competition' mode. Laura explains "it's not about drilling, it's about technique and strength-building, and the work should be fun!" Will doesn't like to be held so Laura collects, then lets go, and emphasises that true collection requires self-carriage. Half-steps are the preparation for piaffe and ensure that "the moment Will is thinking backwards, he's thinking forwards again," says Laura. The size of the canter pirouettes varies to quicken the hind leg and develop softness. Laura provides a crystal clear explanation of her aids as she rides.


edreams 19 Apr 2012 Love your work and your way with the horses. Kind and effective. Thank you for the great commentary your teaching is awesome. Thank you Again. Debbie from Canada
Pieternel 19 Apr 2012 Excellent. Thank you everybody for putting the video together for us at home.
Madelinski 18 Apr 2012 Every time I watch a 'Laura' video, I think 'YES!' this is how to work with a horse! What a great teacher. Thank you!
YankeeSweet 18 Apr 2012 I really like this horse and how Laura understands his personality. I have one that does not like to be held too much or feel like he is being pushed. We also do short spurts of work and then rest and fun. It seems to work well with this personality and I like seeing her use it. Lovely horse and of course...Laura is fabulous. In my dreams I can ride like her. LOL! Thanks again for another wonderful video.
Gillyfilly 15 Apr 2012 We loved your demo' at Patchetts on Friday!

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