Laura Bechtolsheimer and Dr B develop Teddy's power and balance

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Teddy is now 8 and his work is more advanced. But at nearly 18 hands and boystrous at times, Dr B says their approach is tactful! The work begins with stretching on the bit, in small and large circles. In walk pirouettes, breaking the move down into sections helps Teddy keep going and balance himself. The pace and cadence varies between more and less collection in lateral work and regular breaks help to relax the muscles and let Teddy switch off. Dr B helps Laura with the start of piaffe, where confidence and strength must be built together. Teddy learns to shorten his huge canter but "his size dictates the pace of his training" says Dr B.


Bailey 28 Apr 2013 Wow! Great video. I have your dvd with Teddy from a while back, and he has made tremendous progress, thanks to Laura & Dr. B. Love how you train.
Laura Bechtolsheimer 24 Jul 2012 Hi, its a good question about the noseband. Normally I would have a flash, but if a horse is a bit strong or crosses the jaw I try a drop. It's really important that they fit correctly and the importance of throughness is the same. I do find that some horses respond better in a drop. If you try it you need to give it a few days before you judge if it suits the horse better.
st louis 23 Jul 2012 Lovely and what a treat to watch as always! He is such a character! It would be great to know the criteria that Laura uses to decide on the use of either a flash or a drop noseband after noticing that Teddy is in a drop. Yousee so many more horses in a flash and so few in a drop. Can't wait to see more as usual!
MSCH 22 Jul 2012 I'd say Laura, your future on the international parkett is safe with this "weapon"! Love to see that he really is delveloping the way I thought (and hoped) he could when I saw the first video of him, always been my favorite. Many many thanks for letting us being part of Teddy's progress, such a pleasure to watch, take your time - already looking forward to seeing him again!
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 16 Jul 2012 I believe Stepdance has been sold.

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