Jason Webb re-trains Angelo who bolts

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Australian natural horseman Jason Webb has worked with rescue horse Angelo for a week. On the second day he bolted and jumped out of the arena with Jason. "Angelo has a trust issue, which isn't surprising after the way he has been treated", says Jason. "He panics and runs in fear when he's worried." Jason begins by teaching Angelo to steer without the use of a bridle. He also shows him a 'safe place' to go when things go wrong. Jason explains what signs to look for if Angelo is thinking of 'leaving'. When he finally picks up the reins, he uses only one to steer. This is an amazing and alternative insight into dealing with a scared & dangerous horse!


Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 4 Feb 2014 I have to say, I love this video. It was an honour to film it!
Valry 4 Feb 2014 It's not often that you can see such a staggering change in 14 minutes of video! Fantastic.
rydergrl 8 Jan 2014 Thank you for helping him. And his owners, too. You are wonderful.
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 19 Mar 2013 There is merchanise on Jason's website. Link on his biog page on Horse Hero.
Jill Thorpe 18 Mar 2013 Fantastic horsemanship. Very inspirational. I love Jason's kind way with horses. Does he have any DVDs or books?

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