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  • 16 Aug 2016
  • Fun all round!

We had an awesome week at the Dressage at Hickstead Summer Regionals. It was so much fun! My lovely client, Sally Ann Mclean had unfortunately hurt her ankle the weekend before, so asked me to take over the ride on her U-Riverdance in the Novice Silver. After a quick sit- on the day before, we pulled out a super-consistent test to score 68% and 6th place in a very competitive class. We were all thrilled!

Guardadamas and his fan-club!

I was also very excited to be riding in the BYRDS Quadrille in the International Arena on both the Friday lunchtime and Saturday evening, before the ball. Dane Rawlins, Annie Rawlins and Steph Bradley did an amazing job organizing the quadrille and all us Young Riders. With only two dress rehearsals, we were bound to entertain! As the saying goes.....’It’ll be alright on the night!’ and it was! We had two super-fun quadrille performances and I was thrilled to be riding the beautiful PRE stallion, Guardadamas. He was a superstar and certainly stood out amongst all the bay warmbloods.

Mel gets a catch ride!

This week, it was back to where it all began and a trip to the local Pony Club's senior camp to do a demo'! It was such an honor to be invited and great to meet all the seniors at their camp. My best friend, Jessica Ayre stepped up to the mark to assist me in the demo'. The theme was the Scales of Training and flatwork for jumping. Jess brought along two of her eventers and a great evening was had by all!Once again, I had the ride on the wonderful Guardadamas. He beautifully performed all the Advanced movements, loved the attention and stole more than a few hearts that night!

In the prizes at Hickstead

The excitement won’t be dying down for a little while, it’s full on until my holiday at the end of September. This week I am coaching at the Horsham District Riding Club three day clinic at Hickstead and George has some parties to attend!


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