Stable and Horse Management Tips

If you've seen Laura's interviews and watched her training videos, then you can also learn her tips for stable management and horse care! Videos range from bandaging, saddle fitting, bitting, mucking out, grooming, trotting up, preparing to travel and using a double bridle, to the fine art of sheath cleaning! Laura's parents also offer advice - Dr B explains their feeding regime and Mrs B show how to tie a stock. Invaluable insights from Britain's number 1 dressage team!

There are more videos on this subject in the Library. Alternatively, try a video search on the Home Page (or in the Video Library) if you are looking for something specific.

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Grooming, the Bechtolsheimer way! Grooming, the Bechtolsheimer way!
This isn’t any ordinary grooming demo’ or any ordinary horse! Laura Bechtolsheimer and her competition groom Carole Levitt demonstrate the Bechtolsheimer method of grooming on her team ride, Mistral Hojris. For those that haven’t experienced the time-honoured tradition of ‘banging’ (otherwise known as ‘strapping’), this video is a must! Presented by Laura and Carole at Laura’s Gloucestershire yard.

Packing & loading a lorry with Laura Bechtolsheimer Packing & loading a lorry with Laura Bechtolsheimer
Standing in front of her magnificent lorry (more like a ‘mobile palace’ than a horsebox), Laura shows us what equipment she packs and takes to competitions and demonstrates loading with her 6-year-old gelding Dan, who is in a playful mode. Some good tips here. As we publish this video Laura is, no doubt, packing up for the Olympics! Presented by Laura Bechtolsheimer and her groom Carole Levitt at Laura’s Gloucestershire yard.

Dr Bechtolsheimer's Feeding Regime Dr Bechtolsheimer's Feeding Regime
This is an eye-opener into how a feeding regime can be tailored to each individual horse and their ever-changing requirements. As Dr B says, "top horses are like Formula 1 where the same tyres don't fit all cars!" So, in this feed room, there's not a brand label in sight! It's also remarkably small for such a big yard and the oat crushing machine has to be seen to be believed! Filmed at the Bechtolsheimer’s Gloucestershire yard, with Louisa Brassey.

Competition trot-up, with Laura Bechtolsheimer and Harry Meade Competition trot-up, with Laura Bechtolsheimer and Harry Meade
This is a lovely short piece in which Laura demonstrates a competition trot up to Harry (who pretends to be the Ground Jury), accompanied by music! Laura Bechtolsheimer at her fabulous Gloucestershire yard with best friend and Horse Hero co-presenter, Harry Meade.

Mrs Bechtolsheimer ties Laura's stock Mrs Bechtolsheimer ties Laura's stock
As well as a demonstration of how to tie a stock, we glimpse a private moment between Laura and her mum before competition. Set in their luxurious lorry, Laura has a confession to make and Mrs Bechtolsheimer talks about her superstition when doing this one thing to help her daughter. A little ‘home brew’ comes into the equation but not for Laura! Olympic dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer and her mother in their magnificent lorry, presented by Michael Jackson.

Bandaging for exercise with dressage rider, Laura Bechtolsheimer Bandaging for exercise with dressage rider, Laura Bechtolsheimer
Laura shows us precisely how to apply exercise bandages over pads, which she prefers to boots, for her dressage horses. She demonstrates where to start and finish the bandage, the right tension and the best shape for the pad underneath. If you want to know how to do the perfect bandage, this is for you!

The delicate matter of 'willies'! The delicate matter of 'willies'!

An amusing out-takes piece filmed at Laura Bechtolsheimer's yard which includes Laura, yard rider Carl Cuypers, competition groom Carole Levitt and Fiona Price. All are enagaged in a discussion about the delicate matter of cleaning a horse's sheath! This took place before filming a demonstration of this skillful art with Laura, something a number of users had requested. Perhaps because he is Belgian, Carl has rather a charming way of putting things. Alf didn't have much to say on the matter!

Sheath cleaning, the Bechtolsheimer way! Sheath cleaning, the Bechtolsheimer way!

Poor Laura! She drew the short straw on this one!! By popular request, we have made a video on cleaning a gelding's sheath! Probably not most people's favourite job but necessary for the health and well-being of your horse. Laura demonstrates the 'black (and smelly) art' on her Olympic horse, Alf, and gives some handy pointers! We also recommend you see the 'out-takes' version of this video in the Library, called 'The Delicate Matter of Willies' - it's sure to make you laugh!

How to saddle a horse comfortably with Laura Bechtolsheimer How to saddle a horse comfortably with Laura Bechtolsheimer
Putting a saddle and numnah on your horse's back may seem fairly basic but if it's done badly, it can cause unnecessary problems. Assuming you have already asked a saddle-fitter to check your saddle fits correctly, top dressage rider, Laura Bechtolsheimer offers some handy hints to ensure it sits well on your horse's back, there are no pressure points and everything is comfortable!

How to hold a double bridle How to hold a double bridle
Olympic dressage rider, Laura Bechtolsheimer, demonstrates how to hold a double bridle. Her Grand Prix partner Mistral Hojris (Alf), is the well behaved model! Laura talks about the importance of familiarisation for both horse and rider, she identifies the do's and don'ts of using a double and offers some very useful techniques for gaining rein control. This video is a must for those intending to progress to a double bridle and there are also some good pointers for those already using one!

Bitting facts and fiction Bitting facts and fiction

Leading British dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer discusses bitting with Sprenger MD Heinz Baumann. Laura admits she knows less about the conformation of the horse's mouth than she should and asks Heinz to separate the fact from the fiction. Heinz says his views have changed as a result of recent research into space in the horse's mouth and the functioning of the tongue. Using Laura's youngster Step, Heinz calculates the size and shape of the bit that will most suit him. Laura asks renowned trainer Klaus Balkenhol for his views. She then asks Brigitte Schulte which double bridle to introduce her youngsters to.


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