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If you need a pick-me-up in the form of humour which involves horses, look no further than Horse Hero! When we are out and about filming, there are always plenty of 'out-take' moments that we convert into videos from time to time. They include many of the sites' celebrities who are very good sports indeed, and a lot of Horse Hero founder Fiona Price making a general fool of herself (frequently forgetting the name of the person she is talking to)! Fiona has also turned her hand to a variety of different equestrian sports, often with amusing results. Make your day and have a laugh on us!

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More hilarious Out Takes with show rider, Louise Bell! More hilarious Out Takes with show rider, Louise Bell!
Filming with Louise is never a straightforward matter! The first time we filmed with her there were so many outrageously funny moments with Lou and her animal entourage that we made an out-takes video entirely of Louise! This time was the same. On a particularly cold December day, with unplanned noise to deal with and a few 'blonde' moments during her introductions to the videos, Louise had us in hysterics! Dynamo took it all in his stride, bless him, as did Louise's long-suffering friend Jo, who was our stand-in show-rider. We've captured the funniest moments on video for you and guarantee you'll be laughing out loud!

Winter '10 Out Takes Winter '10 Out Takes
Join in the fun behind the camera during Horse Hero filming. Laura and Dr Bechtolsheimer, Australian natural horseman Jason Webb and Horse Hero's Fiona Price are all featured. Fiona has an eternal problem folding that pesky lighting disc but Dr B puts her to shame and cracks it in one! Fiona also has a very unusual way of preparing to ride! We discover that Laura's medal winning partner Alf (Mistral Horjis) can't multi-task and Jason's newly backed mare doesn't respond to spooky objects, making it tricky to film a piece on how to deal with a horse that spooks!

The Jon Pitts Show! The Jon Pitts Show!
Horse Hero has had the pleasure of filming with sports and fitness coach Jon Pitts on a number of occasions, so Jon feels quite at home in front of the camera! However, that doesn't stop him from fluffing his lines and being very cheeky indeed to Horse Hero's Fiona Price, who was directing the video. Ironically, whilst Fiona goes to great lengths to quiz people about any potential noise hazards at their yards before arranging filming, eventer Flora Harris forgot to mention the trains, planes and the girl who likes to 'blow the yard'! Bobs, on the other hand, (winner of 2010 Express Eventing) is a true gent and takes it all in his stride!

Summer '10 Out Takes Summer '10 Out Takes
This is a funny selection of out-takes based on Horse Hero's filming during summer 2010. Naughty youngsters strutted their stuff at Woodlander Stud with Carsten Sandrock and Lynne Crowden, which gives you a glimpse into the realities of working with babies and shows you that our breeding videos weren't all plain sailing! Princess Sahara (Fiona Price's borrowed endurance mount), showed character during the vetting on Exmoor, technology got the better of Mike Eilberg in the making of his new Kur and Fiona finally got to grips with that pesky light disc. Plus our filming in Portugal produced some great sound effects! Enjoy the fun!

Out takes from making an 'Introduction to Horse Hero' Out takes from making an 'Introduction to Horse Hero'
Fiona Price had some funny moments on location at Laura Bechtolsheimer's yard whilst making an introductory video for Horse Hero. In fact, there were so many blunders, we decided to dedicate an entire 'out takes' to them! We always include horses, even in the talking pieces, as without fail, they add their humour to proceedings! Granted there was a lot for Fiona to remember without the sophistication of autocue or notes even, but she did forget her lines a lot, which proved to be quite entertaining. There is also the added bonus of seeing the B's fabulous yard and meeting Laura's top horse, Mistral Hojris (Alf)!

Spring '10 Out Takes Spring '10 Out Takes
There are always funny moments during Horse Hero filming and here is a compilation of out takes we've been saving up for you from the last few months. It includes some extremely vocal horses at the Hartpury Stallion Parade, thigh slapping fun in a discussion on nutrition, gobbing and snorting (that's humans, not horses!) and a horse that always slips his tongue in when kissing! Plus there's drama in Fiona's lesson with Nicola McGivern on Active Walero, antics (in German) with Laura Bechtolsheimer and Klaus Balkenhol in the bitting video, and Fiona attempts to relax Christina by shaking her up during filming of her advert. Enjoy!

Xmas '09 Out Takes Xmas '09 Out Takes

Enjoy the antics at Laura Bechtolsheimer's yard plus Alex Hua Tian's interview which doesn't go quite according to plan and some 'pig business' at Louise Skelton's. First, Fiona Price meets Laura's new Grand Prix horse Willow who is very personable, then Alex Hua Tian takes it on the chin from Jeans. Laura has problems remembering her horses' names while Andy expresses his opinion about stepping in for Alf at Olympia. Laura also shows her hidden talent for rodeo riding on the exuberant Teddy, and Fiona matches her stride for stride during a lesson on a Grade A show jumping mare at Shane Breen's. It's all fun and games behind the camera!

Summer '09 Out Takes Summer '09 Out Takes

What a summer! Horse Hero had some funny moments filming with Sarah Fisher and her animals who love to express themselves, including a few scenes of a 'sexual nature'! Our first encounter with reining proved to be entertaining. Richard Waygood lost the plot during filming with the 2* Champs team and Horse Hero's Fiona Price, who has a brilliant memory in her interviews, has one bad flaw which continually trips her up (and is a standing joke with the crew) - her inability to remember names! Carl Hester has an allergic reaction, Hannah Biggs makes a slip with her foal and her lovely stallion Welstin (the foal's dad) sings us out with a tune!

Spring '09 Out Takes Spring '09 Out Takes

This will cheer you up! For your amusement, we have put together a collection of clips from Horse Hero's filming early in '09. Included are lipstick on Richard Davison's very handsome Artemis, Fiona Price almost losing a finger to an extremely naughty pony, Finbar taking over the interview from Robert Whitaker, the secret to keeping horses happy on a livery yard, Tim Stockdale very nearly going over the handlebars in the Pro-Am Trec challenge, an unplanned interruption to Jane Gregory's interview, Fiona's vaulting effort and entertaining banter between Julie Tew and Jon Pitts as Jon tries to inflict pain on Julie, with some success!

Xmas '08 & New Year Out Takes! Xmas '08 & New Year Out Takes!

You'll find amusing moments here from Horse Hero's Xmas filming at Olympia, including Ellen Whitaker's moony to William during his interview and some amazing stallion equipment on display in the warm-up! Richard Davison thinks Fiona Price is 'pre-war' and Carl Hester doesn't mince his words either! Horses behave badly during interviews, Fiona finds a refuge from the cold at the Bechtolsheimers' yard and we discover it wasn't all plain sailing when she reversed that trailer so proficiently on film!

Winter '08 Out Takes Winter '08 Out Takes
This will amuse you! It starts off at Express Eventing with Fiona attempting to interview the extremely tall Alex Hua Tian, and improvising a solution. We then move to our filming with European Championships event rider and double gold medallist, Emily Llewellyn. On an exceptionally filthy day (the weather, not the language - though the language did deteriorate), we met Emily's new friend Charlie, fought with a wayward umbrella and put Emily through her towing paces. Oh and there's a little interlude with Fiona pretending to be a horse to prove to our equipment suppliers that we do indeed have an intermittent sound problem!

Hilarious Out Takes with show rider, Louise Bell! Hilarious Out Takes with show rider, Louise Bell!
Enter the 'real Louise Bell'! When you see Louise gliding along in the show ring on board one of her fabulous steeds, looking so composed, you'd never guess she's so outrageously funny and so completely nuts about her animals! Louise had us in hysterics the whole time we filmed with her (making some terrific turn-out videos, as it happens) and is certainly worthy of a entire out-takes video for herself. It's just what you need to brighten up your day. Louise is a star in and out of the show ring! (But be warned, there's strong language!!)

Summer '08 Out Takes Summer '08 Out Takes
Here are some entertaining (and cute moments) from Horse Hero's filming over the summer, shot at the National Dressage Championships, Gatcombe International Horse Trials and at the Bechtolsheimer's yard. Enjoy!

Badminton Horse Trials '08 Out Takes Badminton Horse Trials '08 Out Takes
Some choice moments (on and off camera) from our filming at Badminton 2008. Clips include Beanie Sturgis, Louise Skelton, Eric Winter, Sue Benson, Dan Jocelyn and Vittoria Panizzon, along with Horse Hero presenter, Fiona Price.

The delicate matter of 'willies'! The delicate matter of 'willies'!
An amusing out-takes piece filmed at Laura Bechtolsheimer's yard which includes Laura, yard rider Carl Cuypers, competition groom Carole Levitt and Fiona Price. All are enagaged in a discussion about the delicate matter of cleaning a horse's sheath! This took place before filming a demonstration of this skillful art with Laura, something a number of users had requested. Perhaps because he is Belgian, Carl has rather a charming way of putting things. Alf didn't have much to say on the matter!

Veterinary & Rider Fitness Out Takes Veterinary & Rider Fitness Out Takes
Filming of our veterinary series with Dr Svend Kold and his team at Willesley Equine Clinic in the Cotswolds, produced a few funny moments! We also squeezed in some filming with fitness guru, Jon Pitts, which included Laura Bechtolsheimer and friends as guinea pigs!

Fiona Price takes a mounted games masterclass! Fiona Price takes a mounted games masterclass!
What a great time Horse Hero’s Fiona Price had trying her hand at Mounted Games. As she discovered, it's every bit as much as sport for grown-ups as it is for kids! Under the expert instruction of British World Champs’ team member Alex Franklin, and pitted against the experienced 8 year old Ben on his one-eyed Shetland pony, Fiona was put to the test through a number of games, some trickier than others and found wanting! Alex shows Fiona how it’s done at race pace rather than ‘snail pace’ and even lets her have a go on her pocket rocket, Blue who Fiona compares to riding a 1000 cc motorbike. Adrenaline or what? Put your feet up and enjoy!

Fiona Price goes carriage driving in Badminton Fiona Price goes carriage driving in Badminton
We don't normally publish video diaries on the Home Page as they are a little rough round the edges and quite different in style. However, Horse Hero's Fiona Price has been trying her hand at some filming recently. Though the camerawork needs a little polishing and Fiona isn't quite sure which way to zoom, she surprised herself and came up with this charming piece. Having interviewed leading competitors in the drivers' Grand Prix at Windsor Horse Show, Fiona was keen to find out more. Driving oracle Julian (and the handsome Olaf) duly obliged and took her for a spin round Badminton on a fabulous summer afternoon!

Horse Hero's Fiona Price tries vaulting! Horse Hero's Fiona Price tries vaulting!
With some trepidation after filming the fabulous Eccles sisters at the European Championships selection trials, Horse Hero's Fiona Price donned a track suit and borrowed Jo's magic white shoes to have a go herself! Her first reaction when she returned to earth was "this is not a sport for babies, it's a grown-up sport". Trembling like a leaf, Fiona found the experience totally exhilarating and utterly different to anything she had done before. In a moment of madness, she also wondered if there were any clubs for veterans!

Fiona Price tries her hand at Polocrosse Fiona Price tries her hand at Polocrosse
Fiona is game for most things and polocrosse is no exception. Jason Webb, natural horsemanship trainer and Australian national team player shows Fiona the ropes. Riding Jason's 'old Doc', Fiona learns that dressage is part of Polocrosse which uses lateral work and pirouettes to 'mark up' the opponent. Jason shows Fiona how to hold a racket and steer, then instructs her to play a game of 'tag'. Fiona first has to get away from Jason, then mark him. Jason is forced to admit that he has no chance! Finally, he challenges Fiona to pick up a ball in canter within five minutes. Can she rise to the occasion and has she missed her real calling?


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