Gemma Green's yard has the 'wow' factor!

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Well, if you've seen Gemma's lorry video, you'll be expecting great things from this yard tour and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. This definitely has the 'wow' factor! It's huge and luxurious and has everything for maximum efficiency and comfort of horse and rider. Facilities include human and equine solariums, the biggest rug room ever, a double size Olympic outdoor arena and a fully mirrored indoor one, as well a gallery that's big enough to hold parties! There are even brass balls on the stables. It's in a stunning location so, all in all, the perfect home for Gemma's dressage string and her father's racehorses. Gemma talks to Fiona Price.


aliwade 13 Feb 2011 Very impressive. However, I was more impressed by your wonderful first pony (reminds me of the 35 year old Sec A rescue pony we had here). Ali xx
lilyspencer 17 Aug 2009 Wow, I just realised right at the end that we were stabled there when my godmothers' horse did Highclere Castle intermediate in 2001! And it really is amazing!
Jayne 15 Aug 2009 It's so perfect it doesn't seem real. Gemma you are a very lucky person, I'm sure you appreciate it and you put in all the time, hard work and effort to gain the winning results. I love your little Jack Russell ... totally gorgeous.
Anna4munchkin 18 May 2009 this puts my yard to shame its amaazing =]
KatieCarter 10 May 2009 Every horse owner's dream!

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