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This is what Horse Hero users have said about the site:

"In my opinion, Horse Hero is the best equestrian online site out there, AND affordable for members too!" Tracy Vosloo

"Congratulations – the site is bloody amazing!!!!! You should be so proud! Simply brilliant!" Susanne Brealey, Microsoft Executive

"Horse Hero could be renamed Horse Heroin! It is completely addictive but with only positive side effects. Once I started to read Laura Bechtolsheimer's Olympic blog I was hooked and the side effect is that it makes me want to try harder with my own riding. It's great to get an insight into the leading professionals' personalities and fascinating to learn about so many different disciplines and skills. Horse Hero is the perfect antidote to the stereotyped 'posh' rider - it shows the dedication and perfectionism it takes to be a professional and their love and appreciation of their horses. Best of all, with such regular updates you can have a Horse Hero hit at any time of day." Anna Bruce, equestrian journalist

"I spend hours watching the videos and, I must admit, I am totally fascinated to see how top-level riders do the "little" things behind the scenes that make the difference in the ring, as well as enjoying gawping at the mega yards & lorries!!" Christina Jones, Yourgifthorse Ltd.

"The site is superb." Phillip Ghazala, TV Presenter

"The website is brilliant! The videos are so interesting, fun, and of definite benefit for those of us who are hopeless at plaiting etc!" Olivia Kuropatwa, Pony Team Dressage Rider

"Horse hero is fabulous and I have already told my friends about it. There is so much to learn, and it is brilliant having such vast knowledge at your fingertips and be able to access it when you feel like it. Thank you for setting up such a brilliant website." Jemma Rees

"Horse Hero is a wonderful site and a brilliant way to educate horse owners! It ties in beautifully with our welfare messages here at Redwings and we wish you every success with the launch." Nicola Markwell, Press & Communications Manager, Redwings Horse Sanctuary

"The site is very addictive, everyone in the office is on it a lot! Great website. Love the concept, very clever and a great solution on many levels." Jules Aldred, MD, Rockfish Riders

"I think it’s a fabulous concept and with 10 years IT experience, I see huge potential in this project." Gary Fletcher, IT Professional

"The site is so real and practical. And what a great opportunity to have such a high profile team of presenters to watch." Buki Adeniyi-Jones, Vita-Life

"It's terrific that Horse Hero is addressing the issue of improving horse care - something that is common to all horse owners. The site will play an important role in increasing people's knowledge." Sam Mackay, Equine Therapist

"I think I'm a pretty good judge of quality and I'd say this is it! Well done - what I see has good pace, good balance, good sense. You seem to have a great team, too. Congratulations." Simon Ranger

"I only joined yesterday but so far am seriously impressed!! Keep it coming, it's all great!" Jane Byrne

"Everyone (including me) loves the Olympic riders and Horse Hero blogs and the interviews. It's a great insight!" Sophie Wells, GB Para rider

"Congratulations on such a great website, I thoroughly enjoy watching and reading all the content from the informative to the fun pieces!" Hannah Steveson

"I stumbled across the website quite by chance and am hooked!" John Salter

"Keep up the good work. You have invented a gold mine of information and I look forward to watching every video you produce." Cynthia Piper

"Really am loving the site. I'm addicted to the blogs and the videos! A huge thankyou to all of the contributors for letting us into their daily lives - ups, downs and confirmation that they're all just normal down-to-earth people who are crazy about their horses." Emma Semmelroth, Financial Controller, Siemens

"This site is amazing, the videos are excellent and so helpful. Horse Hero, you are doing a terrific job and it looks fabulous too!" Dev Farrell

"Hi, just wanted to say I love the site. The videos get better and better (they were always great!) and I particularly like the 'out takes' - the last one made me laugh out loud the whole way through! You clearly have amazing fun filming. I also love receiving the emails telling me another one has been uploaded! Keep up the (brilliant) hard work." Julie Kinsella

"I am so excited about what you are doing with Horse Hero, I have been watching your progress and its been stunning- what a journey you are on – delighted for you and your team, it was a stunning idea and the execution of the site is stunning too – well done!" Jane Holmes, Microsoft Executive

"I love your website. It really cheers me up when I watch the videos you make!" Guia Pavese

"Your website is awesome and FABULOUS!!! Thanks to all you guys for putting such great videos together and giving amazing insights to the horsey public, it's really great!" Brigitte Charbonneau

"I’m in America and I have not found a website as wonderful as this. It has 'show-how' information on so many different topics! I’ve also passed this website on to by stepdaughter who is thrilled with it." Kaye Diefendorf

"WOW what a fantastic website! We are just SO lucky- absolutely love every bit of it and its so good to read/watch all the interesting insights into how the professionals run their lives and do things. Not just riding/training tips but simple things like lunging and feeding which are so important. I am inspired - please keep up the good work!" Ilona Lang

"Really love the site - I pretty much check it daily (more often sometimes on a quiet day at work!) and there's always a new blog to read and a video to note for watching later. Having just got a new horse on loan, so the how to videos are really appreciated. So much more useful than a book. Great to be able to freshen knowledge on a cold dark winter's night!" Hannah Wilkins

"Love this site, really enjoying reading all the blogs, and the videos are fantastic. The only thing is work keeps getting in the way!! Oops!" Xanthe Brown

"Accidentally found your website on Monday. It's Thursday evening now and I'm still here - I'm absolutely fascinated! The best horse site I have ever seen! What wonderful people you are! Thank you." Ellen Terray

"I so love this site! I would be lucky to get 5 minutes a year TV coverage of any type of equestrianism outside racing in New Zealand or Australia. So this site is definitely helping with the equine cravings! Keep up all the hard work and I, in turn, will spread the word down under! Joanne Malster

"What a fabulous and generous "gift" Horse Hero has become! It is clear that you and your whole team contribute wholeheartedly and with refreshing integrity. The enthusiasm is plain to see. Thankyou." Caroline Carter

"Your website was recommended by my local riding so I thought I'd have a quick look....and now I am totally hooked! What a brilliant site. You have managed to find just the right balance of interesting footage for all levels of rider. And the quality of the presenting/video is great - well done you! I find the site particularly interesting as I only bought my first horse recently and am still learning lots every day. He was my 40th birthday present!" Davina West

"Love your website! I've shared it with all my horse colleagues and they've become big fans!" Anna Di Reeze

"Thank you... thank you... thank you, for your site. I so enjoy your videos and the second the email comes in saying there is a new one I can't wait until I'm home to watch it. My husband is getting use to me with my laptop on my lap and ear phones on watching the videos while he is watching TV. Its a real bonding time for us - not! Please continue to especially put up lessons when you can. While I work with a trainer weekly you never know what is going to trigger the light bulb to break something down you have been struggling with." Meredith Mannheim

"Really love the site, there's nothing to match it!" Laura Chappell

"I just wanted to drop you an email to express my gratitude for this wonderful site. Although it must be fun making it, it also represents lots and lots of work/stress/long hours/unwilling equipment, something we, at the other side, do no always see. Your work has given me already many hours of pleasure, knowledge, determination, motivation and deep respect for all those talented riders you have in the UK. It has also given me ideas to try on my own horses and the drive to continue to improve when everything seems to go wrong!" Gwendolyn Verdonck

"Just wanted to say I think that Horse Hero is a good product, well delivered and in an intelligent, informative manner. Your web site is a breath of fresh air and I have been saying for years the warm up arena is usually where I would rather watch at a competition." Rick Findlater.

"Your site is really the best I have seen, what a smashing idea." Loyce Blackmur, TV professional

"The Horse Hero site is awesome! Hundreds of high quality videos covering many aspects of horse care, riding and training, all by top equestrian professionals make it a complete treasure trove for any one interested in horses and competing." Serena Clarke

"Just thought I'd say how insightful and fantastic I find your website. I spent a whole Sunday afternoon glued to the PC last weekend after arriving back from the yard". Congratulations!" Jodie Cowden

"Having done the international dressage circuit, I love hearing what is going on there while I continue my life in California. Please keep up with the great stories, tips and interviews!!" Kamila Dupont

"The end of my work day (3 am) is spent watching your videos for inspiration and learning. My 'hot' mare is improving by leaps and bounds, partly I am sure due to visualization from the videos." Lesley Nutt

"Your site is AWESOME! I'm sure you gals already know that, but it's nice to hear." Deanna Castro

"This is the best horse site I've ever been on, I only just found it a couple of days ago and I've learnt loads already from just watching a couple of videos! It's such a good idea and I've found it very enjoyable! Thanks for coming up with a brilliant idea like this!" Katie Frimston

"I really like Horse Hero because it tells me exactly what I want to know. It's easier to see it being done rather than reading about it. It's a really great site and I have learnt lots! Thanks." Rosie Tout

"I think the site is a gem, and cant believe I have not discovered it before!" Chloe Finch

"Love the site! I keep telling people over here in US Dressage land how great it is!" Kari Browne

"I found the site while searching on the web about a week ago and since then I have been on it every day! It's hands down the best horse website I have ever come across!" Sarah Roberts

"I would like to give you the BIGGEST thanks for your very good job. It's interesting, informative, fun, varied , high quality and professional. Fiona's interviews are so professionally conducted its just incredible, the insights are great and, as a professional horse rider, I find this web-site useful to see how others in the industry work. Congratulations and thanks again!" Josh Prada

"Fab' website! Very informative and inspiring. Love the training videos and especially the insight into warm up of top competitors." Sarah Carus

"I am continually surprised at both the quality of the filming and the range of topics covered by your "how to" clips. Not to mention the sheer volume of material that you are producing. I have watched just about watched everything on your site; it is like a daily vitamin supplement for my horsemanship. Marvellous!" Fiona Anderson

"What a wonderful web site. I am addicted to the young horse dressage training videos, as my older horse is out of action and I am bringing on a big young horse, so it's great to have so many tips from top riders. Thank you so much for posting such high quality video clips!" Andrea O Brien

"Absolutely LOVE !!!! the website!!! Great idea!! Great work!!!! Keep it up!!!! I come home every night looking forward to what you two have thought up. You have a wonderfully unique approach that manages to ask the questions I would ask if I were there!! Super!!!" Dawn MacKinley

"WOW! What a treat to find Horse Hero... Truly one of the nicest video sites I have seen thus far. Beautifully done. 5 STARS! When are you expanding to the U.S?" Marya Zubaty, The StableWoman Gazette

"WOW! I was just checking out poulticing on the web and found Horse Hero. I am sooo pleased to have come across you all, this is just what I have been looking for in ages, a real boost for me plus it makes me want to do so much more with my horse. Keep up the fantastic work and I shall be looking you up every day!! Anne Owen

"Your website is so brill, I live in the Isle of Man and we only have a few trainers over a month and trying to get a lesson is hard. I have one a month and the rest of the time I re-watch the videos to keep my lesson fresh in my head. I have just moved up to Elementary and I don’t think I would have moved so quick if it wasn’t for your website. So Thank you so much to you and your team you do a fantastic job and I have told lots of people about Horse Hero." Kate Priest

"I am new to Horse Hero. I just found it last night. WOW, I am already addicted! I was sure to immediately email the link to all my horse friends - LOL! I am in the USA, and I really appreciate the international flavor of the content in the site. Thanks for all the work everyone puts into the site. Your professionalism and care really show on all levels. Bravo!" Carolyn Lewis

"I just wanted to send a quick email to say what a great job I think you are doing with the site! Needless to say, I am addicted! I am a dressage rider based in New Zealand and the competition scene is so different here. I have enjoyed every moment of your footage, especially following Laura Bechtolsheimer. With a long term goal of training in Europe, the videos provide a mixed and varied indication of how life with horses goes on on the other side of the world. Keep up the great work." Emma Macfarlane

"I enjoy your website so much. I am on the world class dressage programme and competed my young horse Falcao at Windsor earlier in the year, so love all your Windsor coverage especially." Nicola Cooper

"Hello Fiona and team, Your website is simply AMAZING - I'm totally addicted there's not a day that goes by that I don't watch a quick 20 minutes of somebody. It is informative, educational and inspirational. Each video is like a pearl of wisdom that would take me as an amateur probably years to work out!!! I’m sure it has improved the way I ride my horses, so they have benefited massively too. I guess that's one big huge THANKYOU!!!" Emily Graham, McTimoney Animal Therapist

"I think is possibly the best website in the world! Thanks a million." Lorna Kennedy

"I really enjoy your interviews. You manage to do a 'red carpet' job asking intelligent questions that we all want answers to and also inject some humour as well. Love it!" Leueen Willoughby

"I LOVE HORSE HERO!!! I'm in the US and I recently began training in dressage last summer. This site has been an amazing learning tool. My riding has improved in remarkable ways by implementing what I have watched in the training videos. I can now visualize the correct aids and collection during my schooling. I have also learned much in horse care. I enjoy learning from the inspirational riders and trainers who make it look so easy! I'll continue to use this fabulous site and share it with all my horse friends. Thank you for creating the most professional & educational equestrian site in the world!" Carol Whitaker

"Your site is wonderful and I find it most educational. On numerous occasions my circle of horsey friends have discussed your videos and used them as educational tools." Hein van Heerden

"Thank you so much for such a great website, it's fantastic. You don't realise what a lifeline it is for us UK citizens that have decided to live abroad with our horses. Fiona, you have created a masterpiece! Well done from all the liveries at our yard. There are English, Swiss, Dutch, German here, we all think it's the best horsey site ever!!" Sylvie Coles

"I have only recently discovered your web site and I am TOTALLY ADDICTED! It is absolutely fantastic! Thank-you for creating such a wonderful web site, I have learned so much from watching the videos and enjoyed it so much!" Julie Killick

"Horse Hero is great! I just love Fiona, would follow her anywhere! And your Dr B is a true treasure. Please keep it up, awesome job!" Debbie McNally

"I think you are doing a wonderful job and this has been a much needed site in the horse world. For club riders like me to learn from all the amazing people you work with is a joy." Linda Hulme

"Thank you for such a fabulous website. I love the variety of contributors and totally enjoy the incredible range of disciplines and expertise that each of them brings to their videos and blogs. Special thanks should go to the indefatigable Fiona Price who does an amazing job often under trying conditions. I have been following the blogs of Laura and Maria all year as well as gaining a lot of really useful training info' from their videos, so I know that they have both had some really big challenges to meet. To see them come out on top after all the hard work and setbacks is just wonderful and inspiring! Very well done to all concerned!" Kathie Ward

"I love your site, it's very inspiring and has just the right tone for me!" Katja Boersma

"The website is fantastic and getting better all the time! Keep it up, there is stuff to learn for everyone!" Frederique Erzberger

"It's great to see that this web site is being enjoyed 'globally'. For the likes of me and others in countries abroad, it's fantastic to be able to make contact with fellow riders in your own country! You can feel cut off from the horse world when living in remote parts and I have already made an email pal in my country through the Horse Hero forum. Thanks." Syvie Coles

"Absolutely love the website. Keep up the good work - we've learnt so much from 'behind the scenes'. We would like to thank your contributors for spending time with you as it's as good as having a lesson with them. My daughter and I have been turning our belly buttons and riding like a monkey ever since we watched the Tai Chi videos! Hazel Chittleburgh

"Horse Hero is a wonderful web site especially for those of us overseas". Sue Gazzi

"This site is going from strength to strength, it's great that videos have trainers telling you what they are doing and the finer points of their technique. You are definitely on the right track!" Selwyn Hardy

"I must say how much I enjoy the site, it's addictive! I love the fact that all the people featured are prepared to share their valuable knowledge with all horse lovers". Karen Thomas

"I really enjoy your site and the variety is great too. So much to learn and pleasure in watching. Keep those videos coming. I am an addict and save them up to watch as treats." Georgia Hayes

"Your website is brilliant and inspiring! There is information for everyone. Thank you and keep up the good work!" Frederique Erzberger

"Your website is proving to be an invaluable teaching and learning resource. The training material is world-class training. If only we could replay our real sessions until we actually see/feel/understand in the same way as we can with Horse Hero!" Sue Cliff

"Thank you for all your hard work in bringing us such interesting videos and interviews. You will never know how much I enjoy Horse Hero." Beverly Daniels

"My daughter and I think Horse Hero is an awesome site and a great idea. We have watched it since near the beginning. I am impressed with how much we have learned. We are in Canada and love the glimpses into horse life in the UK". Diane Mills

"I just want to say how inspirational I find Horse Hero. The videos are so well done and professional and I have learned a huge amount since I discovered the site. I always look forward to notifications telling me there is a new video on the site!" Helen Hobbs

"I've just been out for a meal with everyone at the yard, and all we talked about was Horse Hero!!" Melanie Antliff

"I wanted to let you know how much I love the site. There are so many things I could say, but one thing in particular is that it is clear that Fiona and everyone else involved have great senses of humour and love what you're doing. It is so obvious, too, that everyone you film with loves horses, which is important to me. I worked for an animal welfare group for nearly a decade, and I wouldn't have joined your site if I didn't think you guys were on the horses' side." Danielle Moore

"May I say what an inspiration your videos and blogs are on Horse Hero! Any simple problems I come across with horses, I straight away consult your site before anywhere else to find the solution!! You have built an amazing knowledge hub. Well Done!" Gemma Neale

"Can I just say a massive thank you for this brilliant site! It's packed full of information that is so useful. Whenever we need help or suggestions about an aspect of training, we are able to find pointers or solutions on Horse Hero. Or if we're doing something but are not sure if we're doing it the right way, we can can check on the site! A super idea and more helpful than we can say! Many, many thanks." Evie Peel

"Your website is the best thing ever for us horsey people - the only problem is that it's addictive!!" Francesca Wells

"I really love your website! I live in the US so we don't always get the inside view of the competitions over there. Thank you for all the great videos and keeping it affordable." Anna Sanders

"I quit my subscription to another horse video site as I simply wasn't watching the videos, plus it was tremendously expensive. I continue to be completely thrilled with Horse Hero and am watching your videos avidly (I have watched about 50 so far)! I love the personalities and the kindness that comes through. Thanks very much for bringing all of us such valuable and completely entertaining clips. They are fabulous! Patrice Doyle

"I love Horse Hero, it's like having a backstage pass to so many of the leading riders, even for someone like me located in the US." Kari Browne

"Horse Hero is the most brilliant web site EVER. Wow, talk about a lot of bang for your buck! There is so much information and the site is wonderfully maintained. I love that new content is added all the time and getting emails announcing the new additions is a great way to stay on top of what is new....without a fishing expedition. The site is very well organized and it is quick and easy to find just what you are looking for. I have recommended Horse Hero to many of my friends!" Louise Mis

"Thank you all for the extraordinary work you do. This site holds an abundance of useful information and I never want to be without it!" Gayle Ford

"Horse Hero is a fantastic fantastic site and resource. Thank you." Tamara Hudleston

"Ever since stumbling upon your website a few months ago I have been in love! You provide such wonderful new inspiration for me to use in my everyday training. The videos are easy, understandable and very captivating to watch. Thank you!" Isabella Holtze-Petersen

"Thank you for Horse Hero! I’m a total fanatic…. I can have a lesson everyday!" Lucy Marshall

"I recently got a friend at the barn signed to your service. We were talking last night (she had already watched something like 10 videos!)....we both agreed...we are thoroughly addicted to!!" Patrice Doyle

"Horse Hero is absolutely brill'! Long may your site reign, such inspiring and thought provoking videos. Keep up the GREAT work!" Jeanette Beevor-Reid

"I just wanted to tell you that I have been thoroughly enjoying this website. I live in the US and am planning to attend the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. Because of Horse Hero, I feel like I have "gotten to know" some of the members of the British Team. I have become very fond of them and will be cheering them on! Good luck to all!" Mary Gallagher

"My only problem with Horse Hero, is trying to fit my work in around the urge to jump online and watch Dr & Laura Bechtolsheimer… what a dream team!" Lucy Marshall

"I just had to drop you a line to say 'good job on Horse Hero! It is nice as a TV cameraman to watch and enjoy the videos on your site. You have done a great job!" Andy Driver

"I just wanted to let you know that Horse Hero got me through my exams in the summer!" Kim Gallagher, 2nd year BSc Equine Management

"I train on my own and watching the videos of Laura training, is of immense help. I find the solutions to many of my issues by watching her. She is a talented rider with much empathy to her horses. I find her very inspirational. Before I ride I log on almost every day, as I learn with my eyes and it helps me with a program for my dressage horses. I can't live without this site and the wonderful dressage training with Laura and Dr B." Kate Laird

"Horse Hero is absolutely fab! I spend what seems like all my waking hours on it watching the videos and absorbing the content! You have done a great job and I tell all my horsey friends they have to see it. Well done and keep the videos coming!" Lizzie Burford

"I’m a complete Horse Hero addict! I’m on your site almost every day, either reading the blogs and the forum threads or watching the videos. I particularly enjoy the videos and try to watch a couple before I go to bed every evening (even if I’ve seen them 5 times before!). Fiona's presentation style is excellent and very professional. There isn’t one video on the site that I haven’t found interesting. When I consider what I have learnt so far, I think that the subscription is some of the best money I have ever spent." Emma Partridge

"Thank you for all the joy you bring into my life - thank you for sharing in your videos and news letters and for bringing the equestrian world into my home! I have learnt so much and look forward to so much more! Best wishes always." Liz Rees

"I joined horsehero about a month ago and it is brilliant! I am so glad I subscribed. I have a tricky mare, especially when it comes to jumping, and I have found so much useful information, as well as tips, exercises from watching the videos, and I have gained a lot of motivation. Sincere thanks!" Emma Slawinski

"I have just re-subscribed to Horse Hero for another year! I have learned so much from this site.. Just love it." Karen de Scossa.

"I have so much to thank Horsehero for. Your wonderful videos have taken me from being an average / poor rider in the hunt field to a person who rides with confidence and safety not only hunting, but I am now competing in Show Hunter and Hunter RTR classes in New Zealand. Blackbird, my adorable mare and I, are having so much fun and a good deal of that can be attributed to you. She is 9 and I am 62!" Jeremy Haselden

"I think the site is excellent, I love the variety and 'semi-formal' style of the interviews and instructional pieces - it's clear that everyone involved really enjoys what they do and the enthusiasm makes the videos even more interesting. Well done!" Alison Hodges

"After suffering a horse riding injury that stopped me from riding 15 years ago, I have really missed contact with horses. The brilliant Horse Hero, that I follow religiously, has made me think about trying to get on a horse again. Thank you!" Sista Pratesi

"I come from a non-horsey family and I couldn't afford my own horse until I was 30 and still can't afford decent instruction so HorseHero is a godsend. While my riding is mostly self-taught from various horse jobs over the years it can be lacking a bit of finesse so I feel I'm only learning these wonderful subtleties now. Sometimes trying to school an enthusiastic youngster on the roads and doing everything alone without an arena or in the dark of winter makes me wonder why I bother. The odd rosette and the odd lightbulb moment courtesy of your videos makes it all worth while though." Sarah Lee

"My horses and I have improved 10 x fold as a result of your amazing training videos. Keep up the good work!" Kirsty Henderson

"I am a great fan of Horse Hero, especially as a teaching aid – I have learnt to lunge (properly!), long rein and run an efficient yard to name but a few valuable insights. It has helped me enormously with the young horses in what to look for, what to expect, how to correct and when to call it a day. I cannot believe the output and quality of your videos and best of all you always ask such pertinent questions. Bravo and keep up the good work. I think everyone involved in horses should be a compulsory subscriber as they could learn so much in a very entertaining way!" Samantha Sandberg

"As a subscriber to Horse Hero for just two months now, I would like to tell you how wonderful your website is. I am from Australia and was introduced to the site by a friend who told me how great the video's are on your website. When I first had a look at the free video's I thought, I have to subscribe to this, and what a fantastic price! Now I have become addicted to checking out the video's on your site (my husband is constantly asking me, "what are you looking at now?") and lot's of my (not so spare) time is spent finding solutions to problems I'm having, getting ideas, and just watching the amazing riders and horses that feature on your site." Lauren Lines

"Watching your videos helps me feel like I am still connected to the 'grown up' horse world even though most of my own horse/pony time is spent in a completely other arena (literally) of the horse industry. I definitely pick up good ideas from each of the videos and blogs on your site, but mainly your site helps me maintain my own inspiration and motivation and to make me feel like I'm aware of and connected in a way to a segment of the horse industry that I do not otherwise actually have time or energy to participate in personally at the moment. I think I would feel completely overrun with kids and misfit ponies if I didn't have your site to help me maintain my sanity and perspective once in a while. I just wanted to let you know that your website is a wonderful part of my life and routine (morning coffee wouldn't be the same without you!). Your efforts are very much appreciated." Erika Mørup

"I am an American, but have been rooting for the Brits at the Olympics, since everything I have learned, I have learned through Horse Hero and the wonderful British riders who contribute their talents to the site!" Heidi Hoffman

"I just want to tell you how much I love your site. Due to an injury, I cannot ride for a while and this is an excellent way to learn a lot.....and remain connected with the horse world. Great quality and variety of videos. Thank you very much!" Erica Schwing

"I love Horse Hero! I have told all my horsey friends about it and they love it too!" Anita Karpala

"The work you and your team are doing is simply wonderful and, from a global perspective, people with a love of horses couldn't ask for more!" Jenny Haselden

"I just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' and I wish I'd found you sooner! I am addicted to the site and have already put into practice a lot of what I have watched." Charlotte Feast

"I'm really loving your site, you've got it dead right! Brilliant value." Sam Morris

"I'm watching your site now! I have been addicted to it for nearly 2 years and have learned so much that my instructor asked me, at one point, what had happened while she sat with her mouth wide open at my progress, as if she had seen some kind of epiphany! I didn't dare tell her I'd been religously watching Laura B on Horse Hero!" (Facebook comment)

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