April '12 Highlights

April '12 Highlights

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April's excerpts include dressage and eventing. Laura Bechtolsheimer (world no 3) works Grand Prix dressage horse Telwell, while others train young horses. Amateur Grand Prix rider Marne Martin-Tucker rides a newly backed stallion and a 6 year old State Premium mare. Her trainer Natalie Allen offers a great insight into early work. Pammy Hutton teaches daughter Pippa on a huge 5 year old and Sarah Millis trains a talented and sensitive 6 year old. Meanwhile, Irish eventer Sam Watson does some pre-season cross country schooling and German eventer Dirk Schrade shows us how to build core strength in jumping horses.

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  • Laura B works on softness & self-carriage with Telwell: Part 2
  • Meet Dirk Schrade, German eventing team member & Olympic hopeful
  • Marne Martin-Tucker & Natalie Allen train the young stallion Quincy
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