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Inimitable dressage trainer David Pincus works with Beth and Zantino on submission, young event rider Yasmin Ingham uses poles on the ground to adjust the length of canter stride, senior eventer Louise Harwood uses a grid to improve a young horse's jumping technique and expert young horse specialist Will Turnbull mounts a horse for the first time!

HORSE HERO UPDATE - 10th February 2016

Annie Joppe's GB team endurance horse Fantom gets up to mishchief!Latest Blogs. Polly Williamson builds stamina, Georgia Taylor-Jones is on a roll, Annie Joppe has an adrenaline rush, Sam Brown is crazy-manic, Jessica Gale makes progress and Erin Williams has a new project. Natalie Allen is on a roller-coaster, Maria Wynne is in love, Karen Morris musters enthusiasm and patience pays off for Alex Brown. Baby steps work for Jane Naughton, Jo Eccles takes a trip 'down under' and it's testing times for Sarah Isaacs!

Filming. Return visits are planned to classical dressage trainer David Pincus, dressage pony trainer Anna Brown and BHS Fellow Tim Downes.

Editorial. In our current Guest Feature, Robyn Harris explains what energy healing is and how it can benefit our horses. Straight-talking answers to forum questions from our very own Horse Hero Guru, plus a selection of last month's blogs if you haven't caught up with all our bloggers recently.

Next video. 4* eventer Louise Harwood works on keeping Claudius in front of the leg.

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