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Eventer Ginnie Turnbull works 4 yr olds and Judy Bradwell trains Alex Postolowsky on the Burghley Young Event Horse test. Behaviourist Emma Massingale prepares 2 year old Dashar to load into a trailer. Pammy Hutton trains daughter Pippa and Diane Thurman-Baker trains daughter Joanna. Matt Hicks converts Duke from eventing to dressage & Tom McEwen schools Dry Old Party cross country.

Horse Hero Update - 22nd August 2014

Georgie Somerset gets married!Latest Blogs. Polly Williamson takes a break, Shiwon Green hits rock bottom, Erin Williams is wiped out, it's two weeks and counting for Annie Joppe, Karen Morris is on cracking form and Jessica Gale gears up. Sam Brown is in awe, Lynne Crowden goes to the World Breeding Championships, Sue Lee enjoys a different type of success, Jo Eccles prepares for WEG, Georgie Somerset says "I do" and Sarah Fisher has a beautiful moment. Natasha Adkinson is thrilled, Lizzie Brown makes a heart-breaking decision, Maria Wynne ticks off her bucket-list and nerves kick-in for Alex Brown!

Filming. We recently filmed with Italian eventing team member Alberto Giugni. Alberto jumped one of his future stars for us and taught lessons to an Intermediate eventer and a Novice dressage rider. His attention to detail and insightful observations made for super-informative sessions. Previously, we filmed BHS Fellow and Junior eventing team trainer Caroline Moore, working with a variety of students on simulated cross-country exercises. Next up is clicker training for competition horses with American expert Shawna Karrasch, who has worked with many top riders including leading show jumper Beezie Madden.

Site development. We have changed the default for playing videos back to 'low-def' (from 'hi-def') to make is easier for users on poor connections. You have the option to watch in hi-def by clicking a new pink button under the video player. Hi-def is also great to watch on a full screen! If you are having any problems viewing, please let us know as we are keen to ensure everything is running smoothly after the changes.

Editorial. Horse Hero Guru's straight-talking answers to forum questions, include training the correct canter lead, riding a horse with cataracts, preventing overreaches, leg-yield problems and extended trot. You can also read a selection of blogs in Editorial if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Next video. More from dressage judge and trainer Julie Legg, working with daughter Beanie.

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