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Italian team eventer Alberto Guigni teaches intermediate rider Tini, American eventer Tiana Coudray trains ex-racehorse Rascal across country and GB Junior trainer Caroline Moore teaches Heidi arena-based cross country jumping. Shawna Karrasch uses clicker training to solve a clipping phobi and classical dressage trainer Jenny Rolfe rides using breath energy.

Horse Hero Update - 1st November 2014

Filming. After a break in filming due to a feast of editing after Burghley Horse Trials, we are planning the next round. Apart from more dressage and horse behaviour (already requested), please let us know if you have subjects and people you'd like us to consider.

Maria Wynne on holiday with para gold medallists Lee Pearson and Ricky BalshawLatest Blogs. Maria Wynne has an epic failure, Lynne Crowden smiles in the face of adversity, plans change for Annie Joppe, Erin Williams makes a special new friend and Shiwon Green has unfinished business. Jessica Gale simplifies everything, Sarah Isaacs is smiling, it's all over too soon for Olivia Wilmot and Sam Brown is back in the game. Polly Williamson boosts confidence, adrenaline flows for Alex Franklin, Jo Eccles has a great finale, Karen Morris finds new project ponies, Georgie Somerset has a frustrating time and Melissa Beer has a lesson with Charlotte Dujardin!

Editorial. In a new Guest Feature, breeding newcomer Liz Williams tells the story of how she found and produced a 'competition icon' for her stud. The current selection of straight-talking answers to forum questions from Horse Hero Guru includes the pros and cons of using boots for jumping and turnout, treating thrush in hooves and getting a horse to work 'round and low'. You can also read a selection of blogs in Editorial if you haven't yet caught up with all our bloggers.

Next video. More with eventer Ginnie Turnbull who trains young Simba on the flat at home.

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