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Olympic rider and judge Sandy Phillips teaches eventer Matt, David Pincus trains Olivia Towers on Eagle several months after their last session on Horse Hero, Leonie Smith works with Friesian horse Bert who likes to go behind the vertical, Anna Brown trains Para horse Midnight and Dan Greenwood focuses fizzy mare Flor!

HORSE HERO UPDATE -25th June 2016

Sam Brown's dressage babies keep on coming!Latest Blogs. Polly Williamson has an amazing response, humiliation is complete for Maria Wynne, Sam Brown is on an emotional roller-coaster, Olivia Wilmot's horses make their own plans, Jackie Bennett makes a fatal mistake, catastrophe strikes for Karen Morris, practise makes perfect for Natalie Allen and Melissa Beer breaks things down.

Editorial. Straight-talking answers to forum questions from Horse Hero Guru including problems with biting and bucking, an ex-racer and learning piaffe without an instructor. Plus a selection of last month's blogs, if you haven't caught up with all our bloggers recently.

Filming. We recently filmed with trainer Levi Hunt, winner of British Dressage's Young Professionals Award. Levi taught students for us, addressing issues such as how far to push an older horse, safely training a horse recovering from injury and getting an opinionated mare to be more responsive!

Next video. Dressage trainer Leonie Smith warms Para horse Bongo up for his rider.

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