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1 Jan 2011 December '10 Highlights
A complete mix of videos from classical dressage training with bull-fighting origins, to horse massage, sports psychology 'live' at Highclere Horse Trials, choosing theh right 'husband' for your mare, backing a three year the natural horsemanship way with Australian, Jason Webb and some very funny out takes!
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2 Dec 2010 November '10 Highlights
November 2010 Horse Hero video highlights includes two videos of Laura Bechtolsheimer, following her medal successes at WEG are included in this collection. Laura shares her experience of the World Games plus trains Alf after his holidays! Plus lots more.
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1 Nov 2010 October '10 Highlights
Privaleged footage of the extraordinary young mare Farouche training at home with Michalel Eilberg and shortly after, winning the national champion young dressage horse title. Plus the debut of Mike's new Kur and Richard Davison's Freestyle at the Nationals, grid-jumping training and horse behaviour too!
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1 Nov 2010 September '10 Highlights
September was a feast of the Dressage National Championships and pre WEG training for the GB dressage and endurance teams. Videos include Laura Bechtolsheimer, Maria Eilberg and Carl Hester.
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3 Sep 2010 August '10 Highlights
Laura Bechtolsheimer trains Joey to do simple canter changes; eventer Alex Petenell teaches a 6 year old to wait after jumping his fences; Italian eventer Vittoria Panizzon teaches young riders to improve their balance whilst jumping; Fiona Price interviews Laura B about WEG and Fiona goes horse shopping!
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1 Aug 2010 July '10 Highlights
July's video highlights include in-hand and ridden work for the lateral movements, early ridden work with newly backed dressage stallion and loose jumping dressage stallions, jumping training for event horses and the making of Michael Eilberg's dressage freestyle to music. Great insight, lots of variety and food for thought!
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4 Jul 2010 June '10 Highlights
A wide ranging collection of videos including an eye opener into semen collection and insemination for breeding, classical dressage training in hand, cross country jumping, a serpentine jumping exercise, stretching for horses and bodywork for riders.
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12 Jun 2010 Common Feeding Myths
"Remember what a horse has evolved to eat!" This is where we go wrong today according to feeding expert Robert Fowler. Instead, we superimpose our own dietary regime onto our horses, often with dire consequences.
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