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31 Jan 2010 January '10 Highlights
From dressage with Olympians Jane Gregory and Laura Bechtolsheimer, to reining, natural horsemanship, saddle fitting and first aid. Plenty to educate, inspire and entertain!
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15 Dec 2009 Xmas '09 out takes
Laura Bectholsheimer and Horse Hero's Fiona Price show a hidden talent for rodeo riding, plus plenty of antics on Laura Bechtolsheimer's yard.
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8 Dec 2009 Alex Hua Tian's phenomenal rise to stardom!
Alex was the first rider to compete for China at an Olympic Games on home ground, in 2009. Riding his mother's ex-racehorse Monkey, Alex got to 3* in 3 years. He then had a lucky break securing a vast sponsorship deal that got him to the Olympics.
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30 Nov 2009 November '09 Highlights
These include dressage, jumping and reining! Two fabulous pieces with Olympic dressage rider Jane Gregory, Italian eventer Susanna Bordonne jumps her 4*horse and Irish show jumper Shane Breen works a difficult stallion. Plus a number of fabulous pieces with 4* eventer Louise Skelton.
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31 Oct 2009 October '09 Highlights
Gems from the Dressage National Champs' '09 including the story of Charlie Hutton's Freestyle debut, Nicola McGivern's Grand Prix boys, selector turned competitor Judy Harvey riding in the Kur and an interview with world renowned judge Stephen Clarke.
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1 Oct 2009 September '09 Highlights
Competition footage at the British National Dressage Championships with Maria Eilberg (defending National Champion), Stephanie Croxford (leading amateur) and Carl Hester (new National Champ'), as well as training, foal handling plus an insight into Trec, Polo and Mounted Games.
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16 Sep 2009 August '09 Highlights
This is an orgy of dressage, topped off with some horse behaviour, mounted games and training! Fabulous videos made at the Hickstead Dressage Masters include Dutch team members Adelinde Cornelissen with the incredible Parzival, Imke Schellekens-Bartels and Hans Peter Minderhoud.
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17 Aug 2009 July '09 Highlights
These highlights start with polo and end with the Hickstead Dressage Masters! We visit polo star Mark Tomlinson, dressage rider Anna Ross Davies and behaviourist Sarah Fisher. We film Laura Bechtolsheimer working her youngsters and at Hickstead we were there when Edward Gal's world record was announced and we watched Laura perform her new Kur!
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