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8 Jul 2009 June '09 Highlights
What a range of videos we made in June! They really encapsulate the variety of Horse Hero. From world class dressage training with Laura Bechtolsheimer, to Richard Waygood's 2* Champs' event team (which won double bronze shortly after).
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25 Jun 2009 Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mark Tomlinson - the interview!
This is a turn up for the books! Laura and her 'special friend' polo star Mark Tomlinson talk to Horse Hero's Fiona Price on getting a glimpse into each others' worlds. Lots of laughs here!
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25 Jun 2009 Mark Tomlinson, polo star!
Just days after winning the Queen's Cup at Windsor '09 (a career high for Mark) he talks to Fiona Price about polo. Mark offers his thoughts on what makes a top polo pony, their training, his future goals and female icons!
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25 Jun 2009 Douglas Dorsey enjoys his retirement!
Douglas Dorsey put Laura Bectholsheimer on the map, winning the dressage National Champion title for her. When he decided he didn't want to perform anymore, Laura made the decision to retire him to a life of leisure with the herd!
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22 Jun 2009 May '09 Highlights
Windsor Horse Show produced fabulous footage of top dressage riders, carriage drivers and show-jumpers! We also visited the Golden Horseshoe endurance ride and filmed with eventer Harry Meade and dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer.
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11 Jun 2009 Laura Bechtolsheimer prepares for the European Champs'
A delightful interview with Olympic dressage rider Laura Bechtolsheimer and her top horse Mistral Hojris (Alf) about their preparation for the European Champs' '09.
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6 Jun 2009 Spring '09 Out Takes
This will cheer you up. We have put together a collection of clips from filming in Spring '09 including Richard Davison and Artemis, Robert Whitaker and Finbar and Tim Stockdale almost coming to grief in the Trec Pro-Am challenge, all at Windsor Horse Show!
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30 May 2009 Tim Stockdale meets his match in Trec Pro-Am' Challenge, Windsor '09
Olympic show jumper Tim Stockdale met his match with a little grey pony at Windsor '09, in the Trec Pro-Am challenge! Having been ejected clean over the handle bars in the warm-up, Tim very nearly repeated the feat in the competition itself!
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