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13 Jun 2016 May '16 Highlights
Olympic rider and judge Sandy Phillips teaches eventer Matt, David Pincus trains Olivia Towers on Eagle several months after their last session on Horse Hero, Leonie Smith works with Friesian horse Bert who likes to go behind the vertical, Anna Brown trains Para horse Midnight and Dan Greenwood focuses fizzy mare Flor!
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4 May 2016 April '16 Highlights
A mix of trainers we have worked with before and some new. Dan Greenwood uses transitions with 6 yr old Flor to improve her balance, Sandy Phillips trains blind rider Verity Smith on Prix St Georges movements, David Pincus trains Olivia and Allegra on early Grand Prix work and Leonie Smith teaches Bobby the cob to carry himself and develop his paces.
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7 Apr 2016 March '16 Highlights
Dressaage trainer Anna Brown helps GB Para rider Ricky Balshaw with the quality of the walk, classical dressage trainer David Pincus works on the quality of the canter and Olympian Sandy Phillips trains Beth riding Sandy's youngster on balance. Meantime, Will Turnbull gives a 3 yr her first canter under saddle.
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5 Mar 2016 February '16 Highlights
Young horse producer Will Turnbull gives future competition mare Annie her first trot in the round pen; dressage rider and Para trainer Anna Brown warms Sid up for a lesson with GB Para rider Ricky Balshaw; 4* eventer Louise Harwood works on responsiveness with 5 yr old Claudius and problem horse trainer Wayne Garrick teaches Eastwood to carry himself.
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12 Feb 2016 January '16 Highlights
Classical dressage trainer David Pincus teaches and there's training for a native mare with Anna Brown; Wayne Garrick has a dressage lesson on Hera, who is difficult in the contact, with Grand Prix rider Roger Gregory. Grid work from up and coming eventer Yasmin Ingham and young horse specialist Will Turnbull backs a competition prospect!
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6 Jan 2016 December '15 Highlights
Inimitable dressage trainer David Pincus works with Beth and Zantino on submission prior to canter changes, young event rider Zasmin Ingham uses poles on the ground to adjust the length of stride, senior eventer Louise Harwood uses a grid to improve a young horse's jumping technique and expert young horse specialist Will Turnbull mounts a horse for the first time.
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14 Dec 2015 November '15 Highlights
Dressage rider Kate Cowell trains young Maverick, problem horse specialist Wayne Garrick trains the tricky stallion Backfire with help from Grand Prix rider Roger Gregory, pony dressage producer Anna Brown rides sensitive Favita and 4* eventer Louise Harwood jumps Whitson (highest ranked British eventer in 2014) through a grid at home.
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10 Nov 2015 October 15 Highlights
Young horses in eventing and dressage feature in this selection of clips, along with their young riders! Under 25 GP dressage rider Ryan Todd, classical dressage trainer David Pincus working with Olivia Tower and GB Junior eventing team member Sam Ecroyd, fellow eventer Yasmin Ingham plus European 2* Champs' gold medallist Franky Reid-Warillow.
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