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6 Oct 2015 September '15 Highlights
GB Junior eventer and team bronze medallist Sam Ecroyd demonstrates his pre-competition jumping grid, European 2* Championships eventing gold medallist Franky Reid-Warillow introduces American Paint horse Popeye to lateral work, dressage rider Kate Cowell develops Delilah's self-carriage and Under 25 Grand Prix rider Ryan Todd trains a spooky dressage mare.
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5 Sep 2015 July and August '15 Highlights
European 2* Champs' gold medallist Franky Reid-Warrilow trains 6 year old Popeye on the flat and does gymnastic jumping with her 3* horse. Fellow eventer Jeanette Brakewell trains amateur student Tess over a course of jumps and Junior team bronze medallist Sam Ecroyd teaches top horse Woody patience. Plus Para dressage with Ricky Balshaw and pony dressage.
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8 Jul 2015 June '15 Highlights
Two top lessons with renowned German trainer Conrad Schumacher, for Grand Prix dressage rider Louise Davison showing systematic exercises. Kate Cowell converts pushing power into sitting power and trainer Anna Brown prepares her Inter I horse for Paralympian Ricky Bradshaw to ride. Plus Olympic stalwart Jeanette Brakewell starts young Zac's jumping training.
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3 Jun 2015 May '15 Highlights
Classical dressage trainer David Pincus trains yard rider Elie on a Sheepcote homebred youngster, BHS Fellow Tim Downes brushes up an amateur eventer's dressage and talented junior show jumper Emily Ward is trained by her father Nick on an exceptional pony who's moving up to contest horse classes. Plus dressage trainer Kate Cowell teaches Rocky tempi changes.
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8 May 2015 April '15 Highlights
Jumping videos include top young Team GB show jumper Emily Ward working on control, Team GB eventer Jeanette Brakewell starting the training of an ex-racer and Italian eventer Alerto Giugni teaching a show jumper and his youngster. On the dressage side, German trainer Condrad Schumacher works with Louise Davision and David Pincus trains daughter Lucy.
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4 Apr 2015 March '15 Highlights
Training a youngster with eventer Alberto Giugni, the Scale of Training explained by BHS Fellow Tim Downes and improving a rider's position on the lunge with BHS Fellow Rob Lovatt. Dressage rider Kate Cowell uses lateral work to increase suppleness for horse and rider, Pammy Hutton trains daughter-in-law Abi, David Pincus works with daughter Lucy and young show jumper Emily Ward does fitness work on the flat.
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8 Mar 2015 February '15 Highlights
Leading dressage trainer Pammy Hutton helps daughter-in-law Abbi take on the challenge of tempi changes, while father and daughter team David and Lucy Pincus work on horse and rider 'talking the same language'. Horse Hero's Fiona Price finds out how her endurance horse Taz is getting on with his leading edge therapy and Dan Greenwood works with student Rebecca on establishing the right canter for pirouettes.
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3 Feb 2015 January '15 Highlights
Lessons mostly feature this time. 4* eventer Ros Canter works with trainer Caroline Moore on accuracy across country, while Italian eventer Alberto Giugni teaches an aspiring show jumper on his own 1* mare. Dressage trainer Pammy Hutton teaches yard rider Davey on Pammy's future Grand Prix prospect and behaviourist Will Hunt starts polo pony Pivot.
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