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3 Jan 2015 December '14 Highlights
Some great two-part videos in this selection. Dressage trainer Dan Greenwood works with Ash on stepping up from Novice to Elementary, eventer Ginnie Turnbull trains huge 4 yr old George on balance for dressage jumping and Italian eventer Alberto Giugni prepares Johnny on the flat before jumping related distances. Plus Will Hunt teaches a horse to stand while mounted.
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1 Dec 2014 November '14 Highlights
4 yr olds featured in November. Eventer Ginny Turnbull works with a wobbly youngster and American positive reinforcement trainer Shawna Karrasch teaches an eventer to jump at liberty and under saddle. 4* eventer Tom McEwen starts Roxy's cross country jumping training and classical dressage trainer Jenny Rolfe begins work with the Iberian colt Gran Hostil.
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29 Oct 2014 October '14 Highlights
Italian team eventer Alberto Guigni teaches intermediate rider Tini, American eventer Tiana Coudray trains ex-racehorse Rascal across country and GB Junior trainer Caroline Moore teaches Heidi arena-based cross country jumping. Shawna Karrasch uses clicker training to solve a clipping phobi and classical dressage trainer Jenny Rolfe rides using breath energy.
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30 Sep 2014 September '14 Highlights
The global eventing fixture of the month was, without doubt, Burghley Horse Trials and Horse Hero was lucky enough to film some of the competitors in the Young Event Horse Finals, having filmed them in training a few months before. Ginnie Turnbull and Alex Postolowsky both had a busy day and it was fascinating following their progress with the 'babies'.
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2 Sep 2014 August '14 Highlights
Eventer Ginnie Turnball gives Dash his first experience show jumping while Alex Postolwsky takes Mary-Ellen cross country jumping for the first time. Shiwon Green shows early dressage work with stallion Frankie and rehab' work after injury with Des. Diane Thurman-Baker works young Zazu in hand, Julie Legg trains daughter Beanie on tricky Vinny and Jenny Rolf explains the importance of correct communication.
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4 Aug 2014 July '14 Highlights
A big variety feature in this month's highlights! On the young horse side, eventer Ginnie Turnbull works two 4 yr olds, while Judy Bradwell trains Alex Postolowsky on the Burghley Young Horse test and behaviourist Emma Massingale prepares 2 year old Dashar to load into a trailer. Pammy Hutton trains daughter Pippa and Diane Thurman-Baker trains daughter Joanna, on schoolmasters. Matt Hicks converts Duke from eventing to dressage and Tom McEwen sharpens up Dry Old Party's cross country.
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1 Jul 2014 June '14 Highlights
Pammy Hutton teaches amateur dressage rider Rebekah on a schoolmaster, dressage judge and trainer Julie Box helps daughter Beanie at Elementary, Grand Prix rider Matt Hicks teaches GB Young Rider Jessica Gale and past Burghley winner Judy Bradwell trains eventer Alex Postolowsky on a 4 yr old. Behaviourist Emma Massingale starts the 2 year old arab Dashar and Alex Postolowsky takes 5 year old eventer Elton cross-country schooling.
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2 Jun 2014 May '14 Highlights
GB Junior rider Jessica Gale rides a dressage test under the watchful eye of Matt Hicks. Adam Kemp trains Rachel on lateral work and Pammy Hutton teaches Georgina and Louise on school-masters. Show jumper Angie Thompson works on controlling Cinderada's power, Dan Greenwood trains the 'lift' in Russell's trot and Emma Massingale starts the young arab Dashar.
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