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4 May 2014 April '14 Highlights
Dressage duo Matt Frost and Adam Kemp train the talented but tricky youngster Leo, dressage judge Julie Legg helps Harriet convert from showing to dressage and Grand Prix rider Dan Greenwood trains Lisa and Angelo at Advanced Medium level. GB team eventer Lucy Wiegersma puts Mr Chunky through the 'clock-face' exercise and show jumper Angie Thompson warms-up the powerful mare Cinderada.
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3 Apr 2014 March '14 Highlights
Hannah Biggs achieves self-carriage with the reluctant Don, Lucy Wiegersma keeps wiggly Cyril straight to a fence, fellow eventer Tiana Coudray gives Emma a jumping lesson on her ex-racer, dressage judge Julie Legg helps Helen work in a soft outline with a young Friesan mare and Dan Greenwood prepares for a dressage competition with sharp young Freddie.
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5 Mar 2014 February '14 Highlights
Alice Oppenheimer rides the newly backed 3 year old Billy which proves to be exciting! Fellow dressage rider Hayley Watson-Greaves trains Squeaky on the 'big trot', dressage judge and trainer works with Harriet and native pony Milo on a Novice test, Hannah Biggs puts the tricky Don through dressage 'boot-camp' and show jumper Angie Thompson starts young Elvis' jumping career!
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5 Feb 2014 January '14 Highlights
Balance, relaxation, straightness, young horses and naughty horses! Nikki Crisp trains the difficult 'B', while fellow Grand Prix rider Dan Greenwood develops a big trot with stallion Bertie and young rider Alice Oppenheimer shows the difference between Novice and Medium. GB eventer Lucy Wiegersma trains straightness on the flat and over fences and fellow eventer Tiana Coudray rides a simple grid.
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4 Jan 2014 December '13 Highlights
The theme in this selection is young horse training! Hannah Biggs updates us on work with her 6 year old rising star Archie, fellow GP rider Hayley Watson-Greaves rides a green 6 year old away from home for the first time and Dan Greenwood progresses work with the 5 year old Elementary National Champion. Plus starting an ex-racer and a lesson on a young stallion.
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25 Dec 2013 Christmas 2013 Out Takes
2013 out takes gives you a flavour of what goes on behind the scenes at Horse Hero filming! Riders sometimes make very strange noises and there's often spontaneous swearing when things go wrong. Hazards such as tractors, trains, planes, the hunt and naughty horses turned out next to arenas frequently interrupt filming and horses need to let off steam and sometimes, even, stop for a pee!
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2 Dec 2013 November '13 Highlights
Diane Thurman-Baker gives GB Junior rider Rose a taste 'grown-up' movements on a schoolmaster, GB eventer Daisy Dick teaches Jen changes on her retired team horse, Nikki Crisp trains Georgie Weedon on a young stallion and Sophie Cox-Swash teaches Junior rider Lily. Plus Dan Greenwood trains 5 year old Prelim' Champion & Hannah Biggs continues work with young Archie.
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14 Nov 2013 October '13 Highlights
Fiona Price takes Taz swimming, Diane Thurman-Baker works with pony medallist Rose, selector Islay Auty trains 4* eventer Rosie Thomas on sharp youngster Hamish, Hamish performs a dressage test with his young owner Hollie, Dan Greenwood teaches Ash on newly backed Mikey, Erik Theilgaard works with GB dressage rider Nikki Crisp, Natalie Allen progresses a talented 6 yr old & Michael Beining trains body-work.
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