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1 Jun 2012 May '12 Highlights
Amanda Martin demonstrates the principles clicker training and teaches a young colt to pick up his feet. Dressage trainer Sarah Millis works a Grand Prix horse on the basics and trains Horse Hero blogger Melissa Beer. Irish team eventer and Olympic hopeful Sam Watson gives two of his horses some pre-season cross country practise, including top ride Horseware Bushman.
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30 Apr 2012 April '12 Highlights
Laura Bechtolsheimer works Grand Prix dressage horse Telwell, while others train young horses. Amateur Marne Martin-Tucker works a newly backed stallion and a 6 year old State Premium mare. Pammy Hutton teaches daughter Pippa on a huge 5 year old and Sarah Millis trains a 6 year old. Eventer Sam Watson goes cross country schooling and Dirke Schrade shows us how to build core strength in horses.
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3 Apr 2012 March '12 Highlights
Highlights from top level dressage include Laura Bechtolsheimer riding Grand Prix horse Telwell, the Eilbergs working the young stallion Woodlander Wavavoom, Natalie Allen training medium level dressage and Pammy Hutton working with daughter Pippa. Plus, there's cross country schooling with 4* eventer Flora Harris & show jumping with Vere Phillipps.
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6 Mar 2012 February '12 Highlights
Ferdi and Maria Eilberg work two Woodlander dressage stallions, 4* eventer Flora Harris rides cross country on a 'baby' and an ex-show jumper, Grand Prix dressage rider Hannah Biggs motivates a sensitive but lazy horse and fellow dressage rider Natalie Allen works a newly backed youngster. Plus Pammy Hutton puts a junior dressage rider through some gruelling exercises. All fascinating stuff!
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5 Feb 2012 January '12 Highlights
Whether you are an amateur or a professional rider, there is something for everyone in January's filming. The Eilbergs work with World Champion Farouche and up and coming Rockstar, Irish event squad member Joseph Murphy polishes his dressage with Pammy Hutton, top dressage rider Hannah Biggs teaches and 4* eventer Clea Phillipps jumps related distances.
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4 Jan 2012 December '11 Highlights
Dressage, endurance, showing and show jumping are all featured. GB team gold medallist Emile Faurie gets to know his future Grand Prix horse Smash Hit. Horse Hero's Fiona Price works on the fireball arab Taz, up and coming dressage rider Hannah Biggs progresses her four year old. Plus jumping from top show rider Louise Bell and eventers Vere & Clea Phillipps.
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3 Dec 2011 November '11 Highlights
Horse anatomy is explained in two great videos which will help prevent injuries and build strength in your horse, GB dressage team member Emile Faurie works with the 'electric' Max after Euro' Champs victory, rising star Joanna Thurman-Baker is trained by her mother Diane, Vanessa Bee and Secret demonstrate how to jump through a hoop and show producer Sam Quiney explains the art of ring-craft!
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1 Nov 2011 October '11 Highlights
Reining rider Shane Borland deals with a spooky horse and shows how to gain full control of your horse's body under saddle. Plus training for the show ring with Sam Quiney, dressage with top British rider Laura Bechtolsheimer and fellow GB team member Emile Faurie and agility training with Vanessa Bee.
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