Peggy Cummings works on posture with Suezi & Lusitano stallion Uni

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Internationally renowned 'Connected Riding' trainer Peggy Cummings works with Suezi Roberts and 15 year old Lusitano stallion Uni on improving the canter and also pirouettes. First though (in a two-part video), Peggy asks Suezi to change her posture. "Scooting the seat bones forward a bit and softening the thigh means the horse's rib-cage can expand" says Peggy, who adds "feel your bones walk as he walks, so his motion can come up and through you". When Suezi reverts to her usual position, Uni's stride shortens and tightens. Peggy continues, "soften your back as if you are blowing up a balloon and you will create a truly independent seat and leg". The pair move on to trot and canter in the next video.


katherine 6 Mar 2017 As catfur007 and Fiona say, Peggy is so much more than someone who does 'body work for riders'. How a rider holds themselves will affect the horse and vice versa. Peggy focuses not only on the efficient functioning of the handler, finding ways for them to release their bracing patterns and become balanced, but also on reorganising the horse to become weight-bearing. When both horse and rider are independently in 'self-carriage' they can function together in harmony.
Amme 10 Oct 2016 Peggy's teaching is amazing looking forward to meeting her on the workshop.
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 15 Aug 2016 Hi Catfur007! We have subject areas in the Video Library which limit how we can caption the videos. Agreed, Peggy is much more but the title gives those who don't know her work a clue as to the theme.
catfur007 15 Aug 2016 I am a long time student of Peggy's so I am so pleased to see here again. She is amazing!! But can I ask why you have her under the section 'Body work for riders'? She is so much more than that. Thanks
Debbie 2 Aug 2016 Excellent coaching and so good to watch horse and rider becoming more fluid in movement. Will check out Peggy's videos in the library and look forward to seeing more when available. Thank you!

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