Levi Hunt gives young Igan his first ride in an outdoor school

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Levi Hunt, winner of British Dressage's Young Professionals Award, works newly backed Igan in an outdoor school for the first time. With help from Ella on the ground, Levi is able to keep Igan moving forwards, even when he gets 'stuck'. "The first ride outside is probably the most unpredictable he will ever be," says Levi. As the pair move into trot, Levi opts to sit for extra security should Igan become explosive. "If a youngster broncs, spins or spooks, you need to underreact" he says. Once Igan settles, Levi rises to the trot to help the horse move forwards. He then encourages Igan to speed up until there is no alternative but try their first canter together.


Rosieone 11 Jan 2017 Brilliant what an inspiring video. More please.
cski 17 Sep 2016 As it should be done!
Robert R. 10 Sep 2016 Terrific, fantastic.
Jac 20 Aug 2016 Excellent - and fun to watch!
cattington 20 Aug 2016 Lovely to see the understanding of how young horses' minds and bodies work, excellent riding and groundwork, thank you for sharing this!

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