Peggy Cummings helps Suezi & Lusitano stallion Uni to move fluidly together

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In the second part of the session with internationally renowned 'Connected Riding' trainer Peggy Cummings, Suezi becomes more aware of how her body affects the way her 15 year old Lusitano stallion Uni moves. Giving Suezi new and vivid concepts helps to create softness in Suezi's posture which allows the stallion to use his body in a more fluid way. In the trot, Peggy says "feel like you can take a breath into the back of your ribcage" and as Suezi does this, the trot begins to float. In shoulder-in, Peggy adds "move your bones with him". In canter, Peggy explains women tend to slide their seat bones back when their back gets tense, tilting their pelvis, so "imagine you are a child cantering around the kitchen on a broom!"


katherine 6 Mar 2017 Thank you Horse Hero for making such a wonderful series of videos with Peggy. The videos of Uni, Dollar and Conquer are fabulous and you have miraculously edited them to remove all external noises. Thank you for creating such valuable resources.
Amme 10 Oct 2016 Great Fiona I will get to met you, too!
Fiona Price, Horse Hero Founder 9 Oct 2016 Hi Amme, we are filming Peggy at that clinic!
Amme 9 Oct 2016 Been watching and following Peggy for a long time, as an Alexander trained person and a classical rider, I loving her way of teaching, so looking forward to meeting her and training with her next weekend.
kirstendavis71 7 Sep 2016 That's great news Fiona. Just going to watch the older vids now!

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