Denise O'Reilly trains Mike on biomechanics to improve young Archie's straightness

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5 yr old Archie is one-sided, like most young horses, so Denise O'Reilly uses biomechanics to help his straightness. First though, Archie must respond to Mike's leg aid, using a system of pressure and release. If Archie doesn't respond, Mike gives continuous little touches with the leg and the whip, ignoring all reactions until he gets the right one, which is a noticeable level of commitment. "We have to make the bad decisions less comfortable and the good ones comfortable" says Denise. Denise then divides Archie's body into segments and tackles the front end first. Mike must imagine he has parking lines down his front and up Archie's neck and use his body to keep them lined up. (Another part to follow.)


denise 15 Feb 2017 Thank you Marydoll, I think the earlier in training straightness is addressed the fewer issues the horse has in it's own comfort and ability to perform. I hope you enjoy the 2nd part.
marydoll 15 Feb 2017 Excellent video with great rationale behind corrections made to encourage straightness. Thank you!

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