Levi Hunt helps Sophie bring Elementary mare Garde back into work after injury

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Elementary dressage mare Garde is recently back in work following injury, so BD Young Professionals award winner Levi Hunt helps Sophie to re-establish Garde's training. "Ensuring the work is correct is the best way to keep her sound" says Levi. In the initial stretch work, Garde wobbles her nose, so Levi asks Sophie to 'stabilise the carriage' to help her reach down more. In the trot-walk transitions, she drops her back, so Sophie must use her body weight rather than her hand to keep Garde moving forwards and stay engaged. A more secure outside rein helps with straightness and shoulder-in encourages the mare to be soft but Sophie must ride every stride as if she is going to start a 10m circle!


Kristabella8 23 Feb 2017 This was great. I loved the pickiness of the quality of transitions and correction of them Good job guys!
Rosieone 29 Jan 2017 So easy to understand, very informative lovely combination of Sophie and Garde and Levi appears to have a good understanding of how they function together. Lovely!
Luley 5 Oct 2016 Great style Levi..super horse and rider combo' too!
dm 1 Oct 2016 Super! Enjoyed watching the progress, slow and steady. Looking forward to more!

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