Denise O'Reilly teaches Mike biomechanics to progress young Archie's training

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Following on from a previous video where the focus was on straightness and forwardness with young Archie, Denise O'Reilly develops the biomechanics theme with Mike to help Archie on his more difficult rein. "Once Archie finds straightness, it will make his job so much easier" says Denise, who gives Mike a list of 'supporting measures' to use with his body to assist Archie in achieving the right result. As Archie is right-side dominant, Mike must use his right seat bone as a barrier and make the right side of the horse shorter to reduce the bend. Moving up into canter, Mike uses the 'double yellow lines' idea (from the previous video) to help with straightness.


denise 15 Feb 2017 Thank you Marydoll. Just to let you know, Archie's training is progressing nicely and he has done his first few shows now, as well as doing some clinics and arena eventing practice. Good luck putting this training into practice.
marydoll 15 Feb 2017 Super video!

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