Peggy Cummings uses ground work to relax 17 yr old Conquer who is tense

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17 yr old Conquer has been doing groundwork with Katherine who is retraining him. Internationally renowned Connected Riding trainer Peggy Cummings helps Katherine improve Conquer's posture in preparation for riding. Conquer has become tense in his body through years of compensation after injury. Peggy begins by working the head, gently massaging the bars of Conquer's mouth and tracing the line on his forehead down his cheek, to soften and release muscles in his head. Katherine walks the horse, changing direction, while combing the rope to relax the head and encourage bend. Finally, an exercise to get him to push with the hind leg enables the head to lighten.


bigbirdlucy 9 Nov 2016 This is so fascinating. Would love to see more.
HayleyHowells 24 Oct 2016 Very interesting to see the change in Conquer throughout the film. I love the quiet way you handle the horses and how they naturally carry themselves without the use of gadgets. Great to watch.

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