Levi Hunt works on submission with Sarah & Prelim mare Elise

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Sarah is struggling with suppleness and submission, especially through transitions, with Prelim mare Elise. Warming up in the mare's easiest gait, the trot, BD Young Professionals award winner Levi Hunt says "submission issues are often caused by a horse not learning to go forwards into the stretch, as when you come to shorten the horse they can't do this and move into the contact." Sarah works hard to get the mare going forwards and encouraging her to stretch by leading the way with her body language. "You can't bend and stretch a horse that isn't travelling forwards" says Levi. Submission begins to come when Elise is more balanced down both reins, straighter and quicker off the aids.


Rosieone 29 Jan 2017 I could not work out how this was so effective but the results were very evident. Lovely!
Fusspot 30 Nov 2016 I agree with Pwiley, very different from Susanne Miesner's approach.
Luley 8 Nov 2016 Wow Levi! Its been a long time since I have seen such an inspiring trainer - style of teaching is great, so friendly and welcoming with a bit of humour too which always helps. Very relaxing to watch and a lovely pair to teach - Well done Elise and Sarah!
Connie1 5 Nov 2016 Brilliant trainer, love the way he teaches, easy to understand and as the horse became more 'off the leg and straighter' you could see the rider finding it easier to softened her position to and straighten and they both started to look great. Great lesson to watch.
Peelviervoeters 5 Nov 2016 I think you have to work on the riders position and the balance of the horse first.

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