Eventing gold medallist Willa Newton progresses training with 5 yr old stallion Cracker

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GB Junior and Young Rider eventing gold medallist Willa Newton progresses 5 yr old stallion Cracker's jumping training with the aim of moving him forwards to his fences and making a good shape in the air. In the warm-up, Willa works on activity with changes of pace and uses changes of direction to encourage bend, rideability and softness through the transitions. Jumping begins with an upright off a tight turn from the corner of the arena, on both sides. "This trains bend and reactions" says Willa. Cracker progresses to canter poles leading to an oxer on the centre line, which keeps him moving forwards to the fence and encourages a good shape over the square fence.


BTV 2 Dec 2016 Really enjoyed watching this session. Thanks!

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