Posture expert Peggy Cummings trains Dollar to move more freely: Part 1

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10 year old Dollar is braced in her head and neck and tends to load her legs unevenly. Rider Liz wants to regulate the forwards going trot and train Dollar to be more accepting of the contact. American posture coach Peggy Cummings begins the session (filmed in two parts) with ground work, as "getting Dollar organised on the ground will help her under saddle". Peggy works on the mare's head, neck and shoulders looking for areas of tension and releasing them. Dollar is then allowed to process the information. The aim is for the mare to move off in walk, leading with her head released and down, arcing her neck in the direction of the circle and moving her front legs first.


katherine 6 Mar 2017 Hi Jane - did you watch Dollar part 2? Horse Hero worked miracles with these videos (lighting and noise were difficult for videoing that day). They have created fabulous lessons for us to watch including all the tiny details that are so important.
Jane Charlton 15 Dec 2016 Really clear explanation! Can't wait to try this and looking forward to watching Dollar's progress.

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