Posture expert Peggy Cummings trains Dollar to move more freely: Part 2

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American posture coach Peggy Cummings helps Liz transfer the ground work with Dollar (in a previous video) to ridden work. Dollar's default way of going is with her neck up and tight and with little awareness of her front feet. First, Peggy says "never get on a horse if their head is in the air". So before Liz mounts up, Peggy softens Dollar's neck and she responds by relaxing and lowering it. In walk, Liz rotates her upper body left and right to encourage bend and softness and, in trot, she must keep her seat bones still, loosen her knees and gently move her thighs up and down in line with the movement. As a result, Dollar takes bigger steps and moves more freely.


Amme 2 Jan 2017 Can't wait to spend three days in May riding on one of Peggy's courses, I think she's amazing.

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