Dressage rider Levi Hunt trains Prix St Georges horse Tom on the canter zig-zag

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British dressage Young Professional of the Year Levi Hunt, trains 16 yr old Tom to make the step up from Prix St Georges to Inter I. One of the new movements is the canter zig-zag, so Levi gives Tom an indication in the warm-up of what he's going to work on. "He's a big horse and needs to be active as the movements come up quickly in the test" says Levi. Focusing on bend and suppleness, Levi breaks things down so leg-yield is followed by counter canter with inside bend, then half-pass to the centre line and shoulder-in up the centre finishing with a half 10m circle in quarters-in and repeating in the opposite direction. Putting it all together, Levi gradually builds the difficulty of the zig-zag.


Rosieone 29 Jan 2017 I love the way Levi communicates with Tom and informs why he is doing the different movements. I think I learnt a lot, thank you.
KimHarman 26 Dec 2016 Great video! lovely riding, lovely horse and great tips to take away and try myself. Thanks!
Jac 24 Dec 2016 Really good to watch, especially with the informative commentary. Thank you!
Miata 24 Dec 2016 Great commentary, Levi, thank you. Hope you and Tom did well at Regionals.

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