Levi Hunt works on adjustability and economy of paces with extravagent mare Eppy

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7 yr old Eppy is competing at Novice level dressage with British Dressage Young Professional of the Year Levi Hunt. "Eppy has very extravagant movement so, at this stage of her training, the aim is to teach her to move more economically which will also reduce the wear and tear on her legs in the long term" says Levi. Setting the tone of the session in walk, Levi asks Eppy to move forwards and back and up and down in her frame. In trot, Levi experiments to find a rhythm that Eppy can maintain in balance. "The front legs struggle to keep up with the movement in the hind legs, so collected work in trot and canter activates the front end a bit more" adds Levi.


Rosieone 5 Feb 2017 Lovely horse. I liked the way Levi explains how he works and as he talks it is possible to see exactly what he means. It was interesting how Eppy became more balanced as the session progressed. I also understood the downward transition from trot to walk being active.

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