Jon Rogers builds Charlotte's confidence cross country with schoolmistress Poppy

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Charlotte is eventing at BE80 level with the aim of moving up to BE90 on schoolmistress Poppy. Trainer Jon Rogers works on Charlotte's confidence as she can get anxious and interfere with the mare in front of the fence. Charlotte must allow Poppy to travel forwards to the fence and keep her hands soft before take-off. "Poppy has been there and done it, so dare yourself to sit still" says Jon. Linking a few fences together tests Charlotte's ability to keep a good rhythm and secure her lower leg to avoid getting left behind. Moving on to the water complex, Charlotte tackles a drop in and steps back out again. "Sit up, look up and ride up" says Jon on the exit.


Pegasus77 15 Jan 2017 Good luck Charlotte, I could see and feel your confidence growing, lovely willing horse.
Miata 9 Jan 2017 Well done, Charlotte. You have a lovely horse and are learning quickly. Good luck at your next competition.

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